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DrinkedIn is the world's largest site of its kind with over 150,000 listings of bars and pubs throughout the world. It is clearly the internet home for all things related to drinking and alcohol. It's services are completely free to use and we encourage the public to make good use of DrinkedIn's features.

The purpose of this article is to let our members and viewers know the difference between a listing and a review and how to best find bars.

Listing of Bars & Pubs

A listing is meant to just provide facts (name, address, phone, website, directions, etc) and an objective description of the bar if available. While being objective isn't always possible, we do ask our members to try as much as possible to leave the opinions to the review sections itself. For example, good objective descriptions might include the type of bar (e.g. Irish bar) or the fact that it has a large variety of beers, and so on. Whether the beers are good or not should be left to the review section below.

Please note that in many cases, the listings are owned by the bar's owners or managers. This means that the bar's management was able to control the content and able to portray themselves how they want. While this might seem at odds with the idea of objectivity, it's done with a clear message of how the bar wants to be portrayed (e.g. Irish bar, lots of music, beer selection, etc).

Bar & Pubs Reviews

Bar reviews appear below the bar listing. A listing can have an unlimited number of reviews. Bar reviews are completely subjective and should clearly indicate your own experience at the bar including (but not limited to) variety, atmosphere, noise, cleanliness, cost, and a variety of other factors that you think are important. We try as hard as possible to insure that the reviews are not obscene or abusive... but in general, we have found that most reviews are well written and highly supportive of their favorite places to drink.

Finding Bars & Pubs

Finding bars is easy. If you are using one of our mobile apps, then using the phone's location to help you find a bar is as simple. In case of using the website, all you need to do is to go to our Bar Finder page and either type in an address or a name of a bar. Here are some hints

  • Addresses should be explicit enough as to work in Google Maps. They should not be too detailed - just street address, city, state or country.
  • Names are bars should not include special characters. For example, Joe's Bar has an apostrophe and is best searched by just a simple phrase of "Joe Bar" which will not cause problems with special characters.


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