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Fresh and local West Coast cuisine combined with in-house handcrafted Ales and Lagers, all served up in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Longwood Brew Pub is central Vancouver Island's first Brew Pub and Nanaimo's favorite rendezvous destination. Our restaurant, pub and brewery stand proud as the "jewel in the crown" of Longwood Station.

Located conveniently on the Island Highway amongst beautiful landscaping and natural West coast wilderness, we are easily accessible from all parts of Nanaimo, as well as ferry terminals and all points north & south on Vancouver Island.


There are 105 recognized styles of beer in the world of brewing and the brewers at Longwood have over 40 recipes to choose from. Our traditional ales are hand drawn using classic original English beer engines and are served at a cellar temperature of 10 Centigrade (50 F.), while our cold ales and lagers are served out of our custom ceramic beer towers at 5 Centigrade (40 F.) These serving methods and temperatures allow our patrons to enjoy our beers in the manner and temperature that they were meant to be. Whereas space does not allow us to list all the beers that we make through the course of the year, the following is a list of what have become favourites and the chances are good that you will find many of them on tap when you visit our pub or restaurant.

Longwood Ales & Lagers



Longwood Ale

(A.K.A. Woodys Ale)

A blonde ale with low malt aroma and flavour. Bitterness is low to medium with German Tettnang hopsmaking this a true session beer.  5.0% Alc/Vol

Czech Pilsner

This beer originally debuted in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia and quickly gained popularity in other brewing countries. Light to medium bodied, with noticeable hop aroma and flavour thanks to generous additions of Saaz hops.  5.5% Alc/Vol

India Pale Ale (IPA)

Originally brewed in England for the British troops stationed in India during the 18th century, increased amounts of hops and higher alcohol content (both natural preservatives) were needed for the beer to survive the long sea voyage. Medium body with high hop bitterness, flavour and aroma keep this beer true to its original style.  6.8% Alc/Vol


As the name suggests this is a Dark Wheat Beer. Traditionally a German “Wheat Ale” this light bodied, crisp flavored cold Ale has become one of Vancouver Islands favorite brews. This beer has a refreshing graininess in the flavor profile with the addition of 35% White Wheat.  5.5% Alc/Vol

Imperial Red Ale

This new style to our selection of beers hits home with 8% abv and 80 ibu’s. Ample amounts of crystal and a touch of black malt give this beer its rich autumn hue. Having a toffee-ish malt backbone balanced with a pronounced hop profile, it is far stronger and hoppier than traditional red ales. 8.0% Alc/Vol


This amplified version of a wheat ale is made with 50% wheat giving it a distinctively creamy sensation and rich malty flavour. Appropriately tagged the “Bete Blanche” (White Beast), this beer is no slouch in the alcohol department coming in at a whopping...  7.8% Alc/Vol

Two-Penny Ale

This particular style of “quaffing ale” derived its name from the price that was charged in the 18th century. Inflation may have changed the price but not the beer. A light balance of hop and malt with a long dry finish make this a perfect choice for a long session.  4.0% Alc/Vol

Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

Bitter, which accounts for 40% of draught sales in England, usually comes in three strengths. Ordinary, Best Bitter and Extra Special Bitter. Our ESB is a deep copper coloured, malty ale, moderately hopped with a classic Golding variety of hops.  6.0% Alc/Vol

Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale, little brother to the “wee heavy”, is a soft, full bodied, malty ale, nicely balanced by subtle hopping. “Come lengthen your life-lease wi’ ye o’ Scottish ale.”  6.5% Alc/Vol

Oatmeal Stout

The notion that Stout was full of goodness encouraged the practice of prescribing Stout for medical purposes and this in turn brought about the trend of “Food Stouts”. The addition of 10% oatmeal gives this ale a distinctive smooth and silky mouth feel, and yes, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.  5.5% Alc/Vol

Scotch Ale

In Scotland the pub expression for this beer is “wee heavy,” which denotes the rich malty body and high alcohol of this Scottish style ale. Seven different varieties of malted barley, including one that has been lightly smoked, give this ale its complex maltiness.  7.2% Alc/Vol


This Belgium influenced ale is created by re-fermenting loads of whole raspberries with a lightly hopped Blonde ale. The resulting beer has a refreshing raspberry flavour with a slightly tart finish.  5.5% Alc/Vol

Barley Wine

Barley wine is a modern term used for a very strong ale of unusually high wine-like alcohol content. Dark brown with a vast shattering attack of malt, hints of raisin, vanilla and a bitter sweet chocolate finish, this well aged ale (12 months) is a great finish to any dining experience.  10.5% Alc/Vol (small portions)

Russian Imperial Stout

Originally brewed in London England, pre-WW1 for export to St. Petersburg in Russia. A combination of roasted barley, chocolate and black barley gives this beer a rich complex malty flavour.  6.5% Alc/Vol

Copper Bock

Modern bockbier, according to German law, must be fermented to an alcohol content of 6.5% or higher. In keeping with tradition we have created a smooth, creamy seasonal lager well balanced with little hop aroma. A truly festive beer.  7.2% Alc/Vol

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