Hell's Kitchen

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Hell's Kitchen

His newest project is Hell's Kitchen, a clean, cozy establishment just seven months old, about a five-minute walk north of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, on the northeast corner of Civic Boulevard and GuangFu Road. Its name does not originate from the TV cooking show, as assumed by some customers, but rather from the well-known New York district where, historically, many hard-drinking Irish settled themselves in.

Niall and co-owners Paul and Xiao Loer have taken pains to give their new venture a relaxing, softer ambiance, with candle-lit tables, antique table lamps and the music turned down to a level where conversation is possible. However, that's usually before things get busy! Hell's Kitchen's high ceiling, variety of wall decorations, and flat-screen bar TV for watching sports is overall an ideal location for noise control. Its inside is quiet and the outside seating area gets no complaints from the neighbors about rowdy patrons.

The food menu includes toasted sandwiches, made however you like them (2 for NT$180) and smoked sausages and fried veggies for NT$100. I had the chance to taste the Red-Wine Beef Stew (NT$200), which included potatoes, mushrooms, onions, carrots and a side order of bread. The beef was very tender and the meal thoroughly succulent. The creamy Chicken Stew (NT$170), made with similar ingredients, was equally delicious and a tad bit spicy! Vegetable Curry Stew (NT$150) is also available. Although there's only one chef, the turnaround time on orders was extremely quick.

There is a wide variety of excellent beer that makes this a respectable drinking establishment. Besides bottles of Heineken and Corona (NT$150), there is Newcastle, Erdinger and Boddington, plus top-notch imports like Hoegaarden, Strongbow, Abbot Ale and Grolsch (all NT$170-180). San Francisco Liberty Ale (NT$190) is a new arrival and Konig Ludwig Weiss Beer (NT$230) is yet another exceptional option.

Stella Artois and Taiwan Gold are on tap (NT$150-200) but, of course, the Irish maiden here is a dark, fresh pint of cold draft Guinness (NT$220). Thankfully, Happy Hour (8-10 p.m. daily) has no concern for maintaining our sobriety, and offers bottles of Corona and Heineken and Taiwan Gold draft on a buy-1-get-1-free basis. This also extends to basic mixed drinks like Gin & Tonic, Rum & Coke, etc. Shooters like the Springbok, B-52 and Jager Bomb are NT$150 to NT$200, while cocktails are between NT$220 and NT$250 and run from Sex on the Beach and Mojitos to Hurricanes and Mai Tais--whatever your vice is that night.

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1, Civic Blvd, Sec 5, 1F
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A Hell of a Great Place
Fantastic place. I'm going to write a longer blog article on this pub review... but let's just say that this is one place that shouldn't be missed if you are on this side of the Pacific. Sort of a drinker's paradise (at least by Taiwan standards).

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Good Points
- Excellent selection of beers
- a real Irish pub in the middle of a place not loaded with leprechauns ;)
Bad Points
- far away from my hotel... oh wait, that's a problem with my hotel, not this bar!
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