The Dancing Camel

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The Dancing Camel

Our Beers

PALE ALE (year-round)

A flavorful American-Style Pale Ale. Hearty malt character, balanced with the finest American Hops, and a hint of Israeli date honey. A good session beer for those not intimidated by a beer with flavor. 5% ABV

INDIA PALE ALE (year round)

A Pale Ale on speed. Deep gold color like a sunset over Jerusalem. More malt, more hops and of course, more date honey. Dry-hopped with American Cascade hops (in case you missed the first 3 hoppings) this beer has an incredibly complex aroma of grapefruit, raisins, nuts and honey-toasted malt. Sip it slow or this camel will bite you in the ass. 7.25% ABV

MIDNIGHT STOUT (year round)

Black as coal with a creamy tan head, thick as the afternoon haze over Tel Aviv. Signature stout roastiness, soft like velvet with a little something extra (no, not date honey). Impress your Celtic friends the next time Ireland comes for a match. 5% ABV

HEFE-WIT (year round)

A Belgian beer style hovering between light gold and creamy white. Big taste, thanks to the German wheat but subtle spicing with coriander and orange adds a delicateness to be savored. Flavorful yet refreshing enough for an early breakfast on Masada. 5% ABV 


A big, export-style stout, loaded with more of everything you’d expect in a stout ( and some things you wouldn’t). More bittersweet chocolate than roasted coffee, a distinctly Israeli twist and still smooth as silk. Move over Lion and Dragon – here comes the Camel. 7.5% ABV


In Talmudic lore, the Pomegranate is reputed to contain 613 seeds, corresponding both to the number of commandments in the Bible and the number of nerves in the Human body.  The pomegranate’s place on the Rosh Hashana table (as well as inevitably, the table cloth) is a timeless tradition in the Jewish home, reflecting the wish that our blessings for the New Year be as abundant as the seeds of the “Rimon”.  A delightfully refreshing pale ale with the unmistakable earthy fruitiness of pomegranates.  At 5.8% abv, Six Thirteen - 5768 allows for indulgence without guilt.  Truly a beer worth praying for. 

‘TROG WIT (seasonal) 

What could be worth NIS 500 one week and nothing the next? That’s right - when your done shaking ‘em, we start baking ‘em. We pick the finest Etrogim from all the land, toss them into a beer, recite a few secret incantations and serve up a Wit like you’ve never before tasted. Tart and wheaty like our hefe-wit but with the unmistakable floral aroma of etrogim. Sukkot in a glass. 6-6.5% ABV


Ever wondered what would happen if you took a Sufgania (Jelly donut), mixed it with espresso and turned it into beer?  So did we!  With an aroma reminiscent of "black cherry", "Borkum Riff pipe tobacco" and "your dad's tweed jacket", this is a beer to enjoy on a cold Chanuka night as you settle into your leather easy chair by the fireplace.  Catch it every Chanuka and whenever we're missing New England.  5-5.5% ABV

THE GOLEM (Seasonal) 

Legend has it that 1,000 years ago, the Jews of Prague were saved from a marauding mob by a monster created in the private study of the great rabbi of the city.  So big, so horrific, when spotted by the approaching peasants they turned on their heels and ran.  When the threat had diminished, the Golem of Prague was escorted back to the Rabbi’s study where it is said he continues to stand watch to this very day.  What was the secret that turned this mountain of clay into the fearsome, living and breathing Golem?  Whatever it was, it must have been REALLY, REALLY BIG.  The GOLEM – Each keg a different monster.  9.5% - ??%

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Ha'Taasiya 12
Tel Aviv,
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  • Brew Pub
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An American Style Craft Beer - in Tel Aviv
Excellent beers and a lot of fun... good attitude! I haven't yet been to the second location (also in Tel Aviv).

User Review

Good Points
Beer - Excellent variety with full bodied taste, especially the IPA (should stand for Israeli Pale Ale, no?)
Bad Points
The location is very central, but parking can be an issue.
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