Oscar Wilde Irish Pub

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Oscar Wilde Irish Pub
Oscar Wilde Irish Pub

Oscar Wild Irish Pub is a new authentic Irish pub located in the compound of lively entertainment of Petah Tikva. The bar is designed inspired by Oscar Wilde, Irish writer and playwright, and expresses his attraction to the aesthetics and detail.

It conveys an atmosphere of intimacy and other periodic, expressed collectibles purchased from around the world, Boitraz'im Ai designed by the renowned Belgian artist Huitraz'im, Gilles Florent, Bsndlirot designed and hundreds of paintings adorning the walls of the pub.

The pub is a large central hall with a spacious bar as its center stands a large and dominant that includes more than 100 types of whiskey, when more than 50% exclusive single malt, the leading single malt Glend Morangie. 50 types of beers and 15 types of draft beer straight from a tap beer pouring into the gold-plated. Large selection of cognac as the most expensive: Remy Martin Louis Therese (Louis the 13th) - ₪ 13,000 per bottle.

The menu includes a variety of combination plates also alcohol, including: beer vinaigrette salad gentle with G'alh, Fish & Chips beer batter and wipe chili mayonnaise, potato chips and beer mustard aioli, mayonnaise and ketchup green chili peppers and chocolate mousse whiskey divine.

The music was playing classic rock style is combined with a typical Irish music happy. Each zone is non-smoking bar, while outside, there are designated smoking area only designed.

The developers and owners are Yaron and Nati Altit Warren Hasdai, restaurateurs and veterans.

Operational this month:

2 liters of beer = 6 third beer and Oinstfn ₪ 180

Sausage house ₪ 55

Mnz's ₪ 25

4 Tz'aisrim Bushmills ₪ ₪ 60

Guinness beer, Irish Snvic Philadelphia, where ₪ 110, 90 ₪


For serious:

All types of beer 5 liter 15 X-thirds ₪ 375

15 Tz'aisrim Black Bush ₪ 250

3 large fries twice ₪ 90

5 Mnz's ₪ 75

Bushmills 12 44 ₪

Guinness ₪ 21

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Full Address

36 Shaham
Petach Tikva,
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