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Hobson's Choice Bar

What is a Hobson's Choice!? -- Hobson's Story

The Hobson behind Hobson's Choice lived in Cambridge, England during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Licensed to carry passengers, parcels, and mail between Cambridge and London, Thomas Hobson kept a stable of about forty high quality horses. As a sideline, he also rented out his horses to university students.

After students began requesting particular horses again and again, the liveryman realized certain horses were being overworked. That inspired Hobson to come up with a new system of rotating the horses for hire. Hobson gave customers looking for horses the choice of taking the one nearest the stable door or taking none at all.

Mounted customers spread the word about Hobson's rule, which became known as Hobson's Choice. In no time, people adopted Hobson's Choice to mean "an apparently free choice when there is no choice at all" in situations having nothing to do with horses.

Today, Hobson's Choice is a Victorian-inspired couch bar; a comfortable setting serving a broad range of quality drinks, with a special focus on introducing our guests to the under appreciated experiences of Rum and Rum based drinks. The rich crimson-colored main is full of comfortable antique couches, armchairs and tables, with gold-leaf mirrors and stained-glass table lamps. The deep green upstairs room is a bit more private, and overlooks the action on the main floor. Upstairs is available for private parties. Contact Hobson's to learn more about these opportunities.

At Hobson's we specialize in RUM! We have the largest selection of any bar in the country. Our collection of rums changes weekly and is dependent on such variables as availability, popularity, and staff consumption! See below for a comprehensive list. And don't forget to bring us a bottle from your favorite destination...

Below you can view our collection of rums by location.


    Pyrat Planters XO Reserve


    Bundaberg Dark


    Stroh '80'


    Cockspur 5 Star
    Mt. Gay
    Mt. Gay Extra Old
    Mt. Gay Sugar Cane Rum
    Coyopa 10 yr
    Gossling's Black Seal
    Plantation Rum Barbados 91


    Cachaca Berriera
    Cachaca Pirapora
    Cachaca Toucano
    Oronoco Rum

British Virgin Islands

    Pusser's Blue Label


    Malibu Mango
    Malibu Pineapple

Canary Islands

    Artemi Rum


    Cristal Rum
    Ron Viejo

Domincan Republic

    Brugal Gold
    Brugal Anejo
    Matusalem Classico
    Matusalem Gran Reserve
    Matusalem Platino


    Rhum Chauvet White Label
    Rhum Mangoustan's Carte Gris

French Martinique

    Kanichie Rum Martinique 15 yr

French West Indies

    Rum Ambre Dillon


    Westerhall Plantation




    El Dorado Demerara Dark
    El Dorado Demerara 12yr
    El Dorado Demerara 15yr
    Lemon Hart


    Barbancourt 3 Star
    Barbancourt 5 Star


    Diamondhead Rum
    Whalers Original Dark


    Cadenhead Demerara 10 yr
    Coruba Dark
    Appleton Estate Extra (12 yr)
    Appleton Estate Gold
    Appleton Estate V/X
    Myer's Dark
    Myer's Platinum
    Plantation Rum Jamaica 8 yr
    Puncheon 150
    Wray & Nephew Overproof


    Tondena Anejo 5 year Rum
    Tondena Dark Manila Rum
    Tondena Silver Manila Rum


    Depaz Dark
    Depaz VSOP
    La Favorite Ambre
    La Favorite Blanc
    La Favorite Vieux
    Neisson Ambre
    Neisson Blanc
    Neisson Reserve Especial
    Rhum St. James Ambre
    Rhum St. James Extra Old Rhum St. James Hors d'age


    Flor de Cana 4 yr
    Flor de Cana 5 yr
    Flor de Cana 7 yr
    Flor de Cana 12 yr

Panama City

    Cohete Gold

Puerto Rico

    Bacardi 151
    Bacardi 8
    Bacardi Anejo
    Bacardi Big Apple
    Bacardi Coconut
    Bacardi Limon
    Bacardi O
    Bacardi Razzberry
    Bacardi Select
    Bacardi Silver
    Bacardi Vanilla
    Capt. Morgan's
    Capt. Morgan's Parrot Bay
    Capt. Morgan's Private Stock
    Ron Rico

St. Croix, Virgin Islands

    Cruzan 120
    Cruzan 151
    Cruzan Banana
    Cruzan Black Strap
    Cruzan Coconut
    Cruzan Cream
    Cruzan Dark
    Cruzan Estate Diamond
    Cruzan Junkanu
    Cruzan Mango
    Cruzan Orange
    Cruzan Pineapple
    Cruzan Razzberry
    Cruzan Silver
    Cruzan Single Barrel
    Cruzan Vanilla

St. Kitts

    CSR Rothschild


    Plantation Rum Trindad 91

Trinidad & Tobago

    10 Cane
    Angostora Rum

United States

    Kuya Rum
    New Orleans
    Red Rum
    Red Rum Voodoo


    Amazonas Ocumare Light Rum
    Amazonas Ocumare Dark Rum
    Pampero Aniversario
    Santa Teresa 1796
    Santa Teresa Gran Reaerva

Virgin Islands

    Sailor Jerry Spiced

West Indies

    Lahaina Dark
    Old Grog
    Old Mill
    R.L. Seals
    St. Vincent Dark
    St. Vincent Light

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1601 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
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