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Great place for beer lovers
Well, if you like beer, this is a place you must go. That could summarize it all. On a large refrigerator you can find lots of national and imported beers. The best of all, you don’t have to order them, you can go there, choose and just grab. All the famous ones are there, but you can find beers from places that don’t have that tradition, like Japan and Guatemala, for example. Some brands are always here, others come for a while.

You could face it like a bar, but it isn’t. It’s much more for a bakery, but if you want to drink real beer, that’s the best option for who lives in the south district of São Paulo. Easy to find, private parking… no excuse for not coming.

All right, the waiters are not that good and you have to ask for the right glass or for the bucket with ice to keep the right temperature… but what are you expecting for ? The perfect place ? Come on in and enjoy the great beer… informal place for formal beer drinkers.

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Good Points
Great, really great variety of beers
Grab and drink or grab and shop
Informal place
Bad Points
Not very good food
Service is not the expected for the quality of beers
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(Updated: February 06, 2012) February 06, 2012
Since from the end of december the place is closed for renewal. There's no date for re-open.
[posted by user gvissotto]
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