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Bottoms Up at New York City

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Bottoms Up at New York City

New York is not one of the most prominent cities in the world for nothing.  How many cities in the world has become the subject of a song that become popular worldwide?  Coined as the Big Apple, this city that is said to “never sleep” is the home of Broadway, some of the most popular fashion brands, the location of the most interesting intrigues and is probably the most well lit city in the world.  Of course, it is also known to be the place where some of the best bars in the world are.  I would not miss New York City for anything and so I flew there the first chance I got. 

My first night there, I was so overwhelmed by all the lights and the bar choices.  I had absolutely no idea where to go first.  And so I decided to refer to the best consultant when it comes to bars and fun – drinkedin.net.  Browsing at their bar list in New York, I immediately knew which ones I really want to see for myself.  After all, I’m more after quality than quantity of the New York City bars that I visit.

Since I am a fan of organic stuff, I decided to give alcoholic drinks that are made of only organic ingredients a try.  Because of that, my very first experience of a New York City bar was in Apotheke.  Unlike other bars that most probably order their drinks, the stuff in Apotheke really piqued my curiosity because everything they used for the drinks and cocktails were from their herb garden that was located on the rooftop of the bar.  How often do you get to try out organic beer?  Not very often I bet but it sure is available here in Apotheke.   

Another bar I got to visit is the Players Sports Restaurant and Lounge.  This bar is located in Koreatown and the people there were an interesting mix of Americans and Koreans.  No wonder, I got a taste of their food and it was a superb fusion of the flavorful cuisines of Asia and the familiar scents of all American food.  They were delicious!  Couple them with an alcoholic beverage and you’re all set for the evening.  Lucky me because I also happen to love singing.  So I took the mic in one of the karaoke rooms and just started singing my heart out.  Of course, it helped a great deal that I had alcohol in my system so my inhibitions just flew out of the window.

 I never really thought that gaming and alcohol go well together but one night at the Greenwich Treehouse made me think otherwise.  It’s this bar in West Village with a projection TV that would make you feel like you’re in a cinema.  People don’t just go there to drink though.  They also go there to play video games.  So I ended up drinking and playing Wii the whole night.  It was awesome.

Bottoms up at New York City!  I shall return soon. 

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