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Highly Recommended Chicago Bars

Highly Recommended Chicago Bars

I love Chicago.  Aside from the beauty of the city itself and the incredible weather of the Windy City, it is also an awesome party place.  Did you know that there are countless of bars, pubs, clubs, grills and taverns in Chicago?  In fact, the choices are so vast that it is really tough to narrow it down to the most highly recommended bars in Chicago.  Then again, although most of them are great, there are still those that simply stand out above the rest.  That is precisely why I did not just visit each bar blindly.  I did my research first and naturally, I went to the most trusted site when it comes to nightlife – Drinkedln.  As expected, it did not let me down.  So I am sharing some of the best bars that I went to in Chicago, IL.  Hopefully, you too will get to visit them soon.

The Publican Restaurant and Bar Chicago is definitely among my top picks.  Upon entering, you will immediately know that you made the right choice going there.  The moment that you step into the bar and restaurant, you will see a huge banquet table stand right smack at the center of the place.  It has eight pub style cocktail tables where guests can comfortably drink, mingle, and share some good laughs with the people there.  In fact, I can go as far as saying that it is probably the classiest bar that I have seen.  Going there was quite an experience and did I have loads and loads of fun!

Do you go to a bar primarily to drink?  Then there is no way on earth that the Gilt Bar Chicago will let you down.  When it comes to selection of alcoholic drinks, that is definitely the place to see.  From beers, to cocktails, wines to whiskeys, sodas to other potion like concoctions, this is the place to check out.  It is absolutely impossible for one to go there and try out all the drinks that they have to offer at once.  You may think that you are a mean drinking machine.  If that is the case, then try your luck here at the Gilt Bar Chicago.  Let’s see how long you will last with the many drinks that they have there.

Fountainhead Chicago is also among the best bars to check out for every visitor.  Why?  To begin with, their menu was said to be very “inventive”.  Sure, they serve your usual Cuervo, Long Island Iced Tea and the like but they also serve drinks that are originally theirs.  Are you looking for a distinct taste for your wine, beer, whiskey and other spirits?  Then this is definitely the place to go for the experimental drinker such as yourself.  Because they have local as well as regional distilleries, their choices are close to endless which will surely satisfy you. 

Those are just 3 of the hundreds of bars that you have to check out in Chicago, IL.  Make it a point to drop by if you’re in the area.


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