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The Best Way You Stay Warm in the Windy City

The Best Way You Stay Warm in the Windy City

The Best Way You Stay Warm in the Windy City

So Chicago is known to be one of the coolest cities in the United States.  As if the cold brought about by the snow is not bad enough, the wind is such a huge factor that it can drop the temperature way lower than it should we.  It sure isn’t called  the windy city for nothing.   Well guess what, aside from wearing jackets and layering your clothes, there is one effective and surefire way to stay warm in the Windy City.  It is really fun too!  The trick is to go and visit the bars that Chicago has to offer.  I tell you, it is worth every minute and every dollar.  You will be feeling warm and fuzzy in no time.Sky Ride Cocktail Lounge

Aside from shopping and the occasional Broadway shows that are brought to the really nice and sophisticated theaters of Chicago, one reason that makes the city worth visiting is the huge number of lounges, clubs and bars there.  The people from the Windy City sure know how to heat things up in such a cold place.  And so when I had the chance to visit Chicago, I decided to do some advance planning just to make sure that I do not miss out on any of the best bars that it has to offer.  The best way to plan your bar hopping in Chicago is by visiting Drinkedln.  It has a long list of all the bars there plus a short description of what makes it special.

My first stop in Chicago was in Sky Ride Cocktail Lounge.  Unlike your regular bars where you just want to get drunk and intoxicated with alcohol, this particular place makes you want to just slowly take a sip of alcohol and mingle with the people because that is how you will really enjoy its sophisticated ambiance.  It is a great place to meet party people such as yourself too.

Now if you are the type of person who enjoys a good meal before drinking to your heart’s content, Chili’s Grill and Bar is the perfect place for you.  Before you get a taste of your favorite drinks and alcohol, you can first order your favorite dishes.  And as the name of the bar suggests, Chili’s specializes in grilled items and you definitely do not want to miss out.  It is a great place to have a hearty meal before some serious drinking later during the night.

Now if you are into some heavy Mexican food and alcohol, it is a crime to miss out on the Burrito Station.  Naturally, you know what the specialty of the house is but do not let that stop you from ordering the other stuff that they have to offer.  Believe me, the food is so flavorful that it will burst in your mouth.  Of course, what can be better than a good drink to match your burrito with?

Stay warm in the Windy City by visiting the best bars with the best selection of alcoholic drinks.

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