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Rio De Janeiro the Second Time Around

Rio De Janeiro the Second Time Around

I have been to Rio De Janeiro a couple of years ago but back then, I decided that I will most definitely visit again.  And so I did and I am very pleased with my decision.  There are just so many things to do and enjoy in Rio De Janeiro to the point that going there once is just not enough to cover everything.  The bars alone are just to many that if you think that you can cover all the best ones in just visit, you will end up drunk and waking up with a really bad headache.

So I decided to visit Rio De Janeiro the second time around and this time, I was well planned on where to go first and the places to visit.  No more going by gut feel.  And so before I left my home in the US, I decided to do my research first.  When I was searching for Rio bars and pubs in Google, I stumbled upon this site called Drinkedln and boy, was it really helpful!  In fact, I don’t think that I would have been able to sort out the really good bars without it.  It had a list (a long one too) of all the bars in Rio but it also has a short description as well as reviews about it.  Those things are very helpful in choosing the bars that I consider to be a must see the second time around that I am in Rio.

The first bar that I visited while I was there in this trip is called “00” or Zero Zero.  True enough, the temperature there is really a zero not because the air conditioner was on full blast but because their drinks were really so called.  In fact, I would call it subzero more than zero zero.  Well, I loved their drinks from their beer to their own concoctions.  They were of very good quality and they were in fact very refreshing.  I tried some of their exotic drinks too.  I thought that all alcoholic drinks are mixed the same way but one evening in 00 convinced me otherwise.

During my second evening there, I decided to go to Bar Abencoado which has a far more casual feel than Zero Zero.  It was open air and in the morning, you can almost mistake it for being a snack shack.  Don’t be fooled though because Bar Abencoado serves might strong drinks that if you are not careful, several sips will bring you down.  Then again, being there gave me a sense of freedom with the wind blowing my hair.  I’ll definitely come back to this bar the next time that I get the chance.

Now if you are an art lover, I believe that Art and Grill will really entice and excite you.  True enough, the place looks eccentric enough that artists would flock there.  Apparently artists know how to have fun too because the drinks and the music in the place are just intoxicating.  And that is what happened when I visited Rio the second time around!

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