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The Best Cocktail Apps for the Budding Mixologist

The Best Cocktail Apps for the Budding Mixologist

Going out to a bar or lounge for a martini is getting expensive! I couldn’t help but notice this the other night when I met my girlfriends for a drink and was slapped with a $25 tab—and that was just for my two cosmopolitans. And that doesn’t even take into consideration cover at the bar, any appetizers you might want, and of course a cab home if you drink a little too much!

The life of a liquor enthusiast really adds up!

However, thanks to some really cool cell phone apps—I’ve found a way to enjoy a few fancy cocktails with my friends without the bill hangover at the end of the evening. The following five cocktail apps will ensure you impress with a hand blender and sizzle with a cocktail shaker. They’ll also provide a full list of drinks you probably haven’t tried, for a fun, cheap night or dinner party in…

1. DrinkedIn (Free – for Android and iPhone)

Welcome to the world’s largest community of all things liquor, wine, and spirits! The DrinkedIn app is kind of like LinkedIn is for professionals—but this app is specifically for lovers of the alcoholic beverage. Here you’ll find all things thirst-quenching and inebriating, over 9,000 cocktail recipes with high resolution photos and also includes listings & reviews for over 150,000 bars and show-stopping drinks from establishments from all around the globe. Plus, a rebellious social network of like-minded imbibers from just about everywhere! Support Android and iPhone/iPad.


2. Mixologist ($0.99 – for Android and iPhone)

I love the Mixologoist app because it let's people use T-mobile used cell phones to build a personal, virtual liquor cabinet. Featuring 1,300 recommended ingredients for mixing and shaking up some pretty fancy cocktails, this app lets you search bevies by category, liquor, or preparation (i.e., mixer or glassware). It even teaches you basic mixing techniques for over 8,000 libations. 


3. Cocktail Flow (Free – for Android)

Get ready to cheers your friends and family with cocktails you’ve probably never even experienced before. There’s a drink recipe for every occasion, plus step-by-step instructions for the perfect preparation. This app is a great starter for beginners behind the bar and a great way for professional mixologists to round out an impressive cocktail know-how. Cocktail flow is continuously introducing new drinks so you’ll never shelve this app!


4. GetDrunker (Free – for iPhone)

The app with a rather college-frat boy name is actually pretty impressive for the home mixologist. Featuring every drink—from a frothy booze-based coffee to a spicy Caesar—this app features drinks from 39 basic ingredients that you probably already have at home in your liquor cabinet.


5. Flip ‘N Drink ($3.99 – for iPhone)

As fun as the name suggests, the Flip ‘N Drink app features a lounge-quality array of slurp-able, swig-able recipes. Simply search via the categories or scroll using the user-friendly interface to find a drink for any celebration. Each recipe features color photos to guide you through drink prep and presentation.

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