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5 Apps for Craft Beer Lovers

5 Apps for Craft Beer Lovers

These days everyone is a craft beer lover—enjoying the lesser known brands from micro breweries, maybe dipping your lips in an organic beverage or two, and even taking the reins and attempting to brew your own beer.

But if you’re rather new to craft beer, there are an abundance of apps for your smart phone that can get rather overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The good news is that the following beer apps can help you discover your own love of craft beers…

1. DrinkedIn (Free – for iPhone & Android)

Drinkedin is like a social networking app for beer lovers and the online designation for lovers of all things alcoholic. This app is a fun version of the professional network with the similar name, but this one features a detailed listing of pubs and liquor establishments worldwide, as well as reviews from real beer lovers from folks all around the world.

2. Beer Cloud (Free – for iPhone & Android)

Beer Cloud is a community of beer brewers. This app matches food with a complimentary craft beer and even provides a brewing history for each frothy beverage and brewery that you’ll find in the app’s directory. If you want to know about beer, or at least sound like you know what you’re talking about, the Beer Cloud app should be on your phone.

3. iBrewMaster ($9.99 – for iPhone & Android)

If you brew your own beer, you’ll love the iBrewMaster app and its ability to wow you with handy tools –like beer brewing schedules, tried and true recipes, and tips and advice on monitoring your own brewed batches! I’ve uploaded this app on my iPhone as well as on my husband’s and my own light laptops so we can combine our beer knowledge.

4. PINTLEY (Free – for iPhone & Android)

The Pintley app marries its enormous beer database with an engaging social network for beer lovers in particular. You can use the app to rate and review the brews you like or to slam the ones you don’t. And you can also use it to discover new beers with the real recommendations from users. If you utilize this app quite a bit, you could even win (one of 3) gift cards that the app gives away monthly.

5. The Beer Bible Plus+ (Free - for iPhone)

If you love beer so much that you’re interested in the historical aspects of beer and its roots—then The Beer Bible can give you the education you yearn. This app teaches users about beers from hundreds of different breweries around the world. It also features common beer terminology and more!

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