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Drinking games with your Buddies for Black Friday

Drinking games with your Buddies for Black Friday

How to pass the time, while your wife is away shopping on Black Friday

As every guy knows, Black Friday, like most other holidays, is for women. If a man wants the latest tech gadget, he will go out and buy it or wait for Virtual Monday and buy it online. No need to wait in line for 4 hours just to save 20 percent. If your wife or significant other is like the millions of other women in America, however, she will want to go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Rather than torture yourself by accompanying her on her shopping expedition, start your own Black Friday holiday tradition with your buddies.

Get some friends together, buy an assortment of drinks, turn on your favorite sports game, and have fun with these drinking games designed for real men. 

I. Beer Blink

This game is fun whether it is played at the start or end of the evening. This is a two player game. Two players sit across from each other. Arm each player with 5 shot glasses of beer, or hard liquor, if you really want a challenge. Each player stares intently at the other. The first person to blink has to drink one of the shots. Play continues until one player has drunk all of his shots. The winner is the person with drinks leftover at the end of the game.

II. Power Hour

Beer Drinking Games

This is a fun game to play when you get bored of other activities or your wives have been gone longer than they said they would be. Turn the TV on to the Preview Channel or TV Guide Channel. Give each player an assortment of beer. Players will need about 5 beers each. Do not play this game with hard alcohol, as it will lead to alcohol poisoning. Stick to beer for this game.

Start the game at the top of the hour. Each time the TV Guide changes the minute on the screen, take a drink of beer. Continue to do this for one full hour. By the end of the hour, each person will have consumed about 6 beers worth of alcohol. If you choose to play this game, take a break from drinking for a while afterwards to prevent alcohol poisoning.

III. Buzz

Buzz is a fun game to play when you have a mixture of toxicity in the room. Sober people will continue to stay sober, while tipsy players will continue to get more and drunk.
Everyone playing the game sits around a circle. Each player simply counts off a number starting with one. The second player says “two,” and so on. When a player gets to a number that is divisible by 7 (like 7 or 14), instead of saying that number, the player says “buzz” instead. A player that misses a buzz has to drink. If someone says “buzz” out of turn, he also has to drink. Keep playing until players can no longer do the division of math in their heads. Usually, this game ends fairly quickly into peals of laughter.

IV. James Bond

Play the James Bond between sports shows or late at night when nothing else is on. Start a classic James Bond movie. Arm everyone with beer or shots.

  1. When someone in the movie says “James,” drink.
  2. When someone says “Bond,” drink.
  3. When someone says “James Bond,” drink whatever is left in your cup.

     After this game, you will never look at 007 in the same way again.

These fun games will help you pass the hours until your wife comes home cranky and without any money left. But with all that drinking, you probably won’t even care that she spent all of the money belonging to the two of you but if you still want to be a really nice husband you can probably make it up to her on Virtual Monday.

Author Bio: Simon is a Blog owner and regular contributor for various financial Blogs from Europe but likes to write in various other topics and fields and prides himself in being a versatile professional writer. This post was written by Simon from higherclick.com on behalf of their client Macys.com


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