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South African Nightlife: Bars in Johannesburg

South African Nightlife: Bars in Johannesburg

Johannesburg may have not started smoothly, but this capital of Gauteng is already getting ahead in the past years in terms of population and also in economics. Joburg is the largest metropolitan region in South Africa, and also happens to be the wealthiest city in the country. 

Although there is seriousness in the ambiance of Joburg that tells its tourists that economy is a prominent topic in there, they will be amazed to know that South Africa’s wealthiest city has a lot of extra-curricular activities to offer. Travelers will get to enjoy accommodations from exclusive clubs to the best restos and clubs and dance to the compelling beats thrown by city’s best live bands and DJ’s. 

Here is a list to help you narrow down your choices to some of the best spots to consider when going out at Joburg at night. Go over it and see what may float your boat.

Moyo Market Theatre 

56 Wolhuter St, Johannesburg 2113, South Africa
+27 11 838 1715 ‎ · markettheatre.co.za

This bar speaks for itself through its name from ‘Moyo’ is the Swahili word for soul. For most visitors, the Moyo Market Theater is the place to go if you want something that will soothe you from deep within. Constructed by a group of six inspired artists, the Moyo’s at Market Theater turned out to be a place that boasts a vivacious echo of the rich African culture. Aside from being a place to enjoy African music, the bar’s ethnic design of wood and cowry shells will add a little more tickle to your palate through Moyo’s wide array of top class dishes. Savor flavors from the east through its curries, the spicy stews of the North, and flavorful seafoods of the South. In here, you combine your love of theater and food. Get here early to get a good meal before the show. 

Wiesenhof Coffees 

Corner Commissioner Street and Polly Street Absa Towers North , Upper Ground Level, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
+27 11 350 8812 ‎

Famous coffee shops may have already proliferated in every city, however, this small place Wiesenhof Coffees occupies in a mall in Joburg does not stop them from serving the best roasted gourmet coffees. Swerving from an ambience of the party and night life, this coffee shop can cater to people who want small talk and slow chill. Most of the time they will entertain their guests with their various types of coffees, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desserts. You can taste authentic Arian coffee in this small lounge since the shop only uses Arabian coffee beans. You can order, however, plunger coffee if you want. You can have their strongest coffee, Santos Espresso, to the milder ones that include Irish Cream, Toffee Nut and Caramel Cream decaffeinated. Visit this shop and have a “little coffee at the mall”.

Beach Blanket Bohemia

Sunninghill Village Centre, Cnr Maxwell Drive and Edison Street, Johannesburg, Sunninghill
+27 011 234 2714 http://www.beachblanketbohemia.co.za/

This venue at Sunninghill does not only cater to bar-hoppers but also to those who love some sort of fine dining. Beach Blanket Bohemia is where the classic and contemporary so appropriately collide that you will keep on gazing its bare brick walls and classy orange bar stools. You will be stunned by how their bar staff will spice up your bar experience with their classic cocktails. It also boasts of its eloquent dining area that will make you sit on its leather chairs and let you bask its candelabra and the romantic fire. Hit here on weekends if you want some Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Great DJs always come by and play good beats right after dinner.

Skye Bar
Holiday Inn Sandton, Rivonia Road, Johannesburg
+27 011 282 0000 http://www.hisandton.co.za/skyeBar/

True to its moniker, Skye Bar, located on the 9th floor of the Johannesburg Holiday Inn, will host your evenings with a charming panoramic view of the city at night time. The bar may appear a little bit luxurious, but being able to access a panoramic view of the surrounding city while lovingly sipping your champagne will truly add to the flavor of your bar-hopping experience. With its chandeliers enticing its visitors, Skye Bar also sets itself as a perfect hang-out for a romantic dinner for two or a dramatic sunset view just before twilight.

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