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Ice Bar London

Ice Bar London

Ice Bar by Ice Hotel London boasts an exhilarating, unique experience at minus degrees. With only 5 Ice Bar destinations worldwide where better to visit one than the UK capital, London. This niche experience not only appeals to tourists in the capital but to UK socialites wanting an exclusive social encounter at minus 5 degrees.

At the heart of Ice Bar London’s ethos is that everything inside is made out of crystal clear ice imported from Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden. Everything from the walls to the floors, the seats and ceiling is handcrafted with chisels and chainsaws to create the frozen layer, guaranteeing visitors an experience to remember.

An addition to the social artifact is the hand-made extras to make the visit an exploration of frozen fantasies. Every autumn Ice hotel’s skilled artists and designers return to create another epic design never seen before through the skill of craftsmanship and creativity.

If not to visit for the observation of the obtuse bar and its innovation, then Ice Bar should be visited to experience the deluxe beverages on offer to visitors. Ice bar specialty drinks include Ice Bar Mojito’s, Smirnoff vodka cocktails such as ‘Titan’ which consists of Smirnoff black, passoa, cranberry and orange juice. If it’s an ice cold lager that takes your fancy how better to drink it than at -5 degrees out of a crystal ice cold glass.

If you’re wondering how you will keep warm in these arctic conditions, Ice Bar London have already covered it. Each visitor is given his or her own designer thermal coat with a hood and gloves to ensure each visitor has an enjoyable and innovative experience.

You may be thinking that a visit to Ice Bar London is going to leave a whole in your wallet, however you couldn't be more wrong.  Tickets can be purchased on arrival but to avoid disappointment visitors are recommended to book in advance. Advanced tickets are £12.50 or after 18:30 tickets are £16. Your ticket enables you a 40-minute session in the Ice Bar with an exclusive cocktail of your choice.  Ice Bar London guarantees visitors a unique experience; with the festive season quickly approaching why not surprise someone you know with a visit to Ice Bar London.

Antonio Caloni loves traveling and blogging. When not drinking beer, he enjoys playing baccarat revival and other online games.

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