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Welcome to the Future: The Nightclub and Bar Software Taking the Industry by Storm

Welcome to the Future: The Nightclub and Bar Software Taking the Industry by Storm

With nightclub and bar customers across every continent, the girls and guys at Cluboid are finding that their nightclub and bar management software is taking the industry by storm. So much so, that they are considering taking measures to slow things down a little. CEO Daniel Cooper says, 'We are looking into adding a queue system to on-board new customers due to massive demand. We knew the software was awesome when we launched, but boy this has spread quickly in the last 18 months. We can't wait to show customers the technology we are building for the future. It will blow people's minds.'

Since 2013 the Cluboid team have created leading nightclub and bar management software. With real experience in running nightclubs and bars to the highest standard, it enables them to hold a unique insight into the nightlife industry. Their Customers get instant access managing business no matter where they choose to work from, and the software boasts features such as nightlife CRM, bookings, ticketing, floor management, automated marketing, analytics, data collection, and beyond.

In the competitive and evolving nightlife market place it's good to have Cluboid on your side. After all, they are here to put power tools in the hands of nightclub and bar managers.

For more information visit www.cluboid.com.

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