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Liven Up Holiday Events with Cocktail Presentations

Liven Up Holiday Events with Cocktail Presentations

The holiday season is just around the corner and with it comes a calendar of festive event bookings. 

Events boost profits for nightclubs and bars during this time of year. Holiday parties offer the perfect opportunity to attract bookings with beautiful décor, fun themes and a seasonal bar menu that will keep guests remembering your establishment. More importantly, crafted cocktail creations with trending flavors presented in stunning glassware inspire guests to return all year long.

“The holidays are a busy time of year, especially for any bar, club or restaurant that specializes in events,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “To distinguish your establishment and keep your space booked, a memorable presentation is key. Drinks featuring seasonal flavors, festive decoration and served in premium glasses will impress guests. They will be sure to remember their evening and spread the word to their friends and family.”

The Right Glass for the Right Drink

To elevate the beverage experience at holiday events and keep guests raving requires choosing the right glass for the right drink. The Master’s Reserve® Collection by Libbey® is American-made legacy craftsmanship that creates a glass to heighten the beverage experience. The Collection was designed to appeal to all of the senses. Its optical purity and purely radiant shine make any drink look stunning. The colors of a seasonal punch or a garnish in infused water shine through like no other glass. The precise balance of Master’s Reserve in the hand lets your guests feel the luxuriousness of the glass and quality of the drink while its resonating ping is music to their ears. Most importantly, the shapes of Master’s Reserve are carefully crafted to enhance flavors and aromas.

The Master’s Reserve Collection provides an array of stemware and stemless options to suit any beverage menu. It elevates wine, cocktail creations, mocktails and even water service and is available in an assortment of sizes in wine, goblet, brandy, martini, flutes and stemless.

With trend-right seasonal flavors ranging from cranberry or ginger to pomegranate or peppermint, the glassware options from the Master’s Reserve Collection are the perfect presentation to enhance these beverage creations: Spiced mulled wines or hot toddies in stylish Symmetry double old-fashioned glasses Peppermint martinis complete with candy rims in the Renaissance martini glass Seasonal punch in the Rivere red wine glass Eggnog or hot buttered rum in the Renaissance brandy glass Sparkling champagne cocktails in Prism flutes Seasonal water service in the Renaissance stemless glass

Master’s Reserve Luxe Collection Offers Stunning, Enduring Presentation 

Renaissance, Prism, Rivere and Symmetry make up Master’s Reserve Luxe Collection. The Luxe Collection is designed to heighten meticulously crafted beverage creations for discriminating guests. American-made glassware with both elegance and strength, the Master’s Reserve Luxe Collection was inspired by the craftsmanship mixologists finesse into each authentic beverage creation. It is designed to meet a nightclub or bar’s dual desires for exquisite presentation and superior service life. Its unprecedented flat foot enables a strong, stable and positively stunning presentation. The whisper thin, beadless edge grants perfect flow to the palate. Additionally, Luxe is backed by Libbey’s industry-leading service and support, including lifetime HD2 Rim and Foot Guarantee, unmatched by any other glass manufacturer.

For more information or to view the wide assortment of available sizes and shapes, visit libbey.com.

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