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The Most Popular Cocktails In The World

The Most Popular Cocktails In The World

Now it is difficult to present a bar card in a good institution without delicious alcoholic cocktails. Many of them have become classics, and those who love this kind of alcohol have long known the sweet taste of "Sex on the beach", strong "Bloody Mary" and a refreshing "Mojito". Each cocktail is individual and has its aftertaste and its own special recipe. We can choose a drink to suit our mood, but we still have the top 10 of the most famous alcoholic drinks in the world. We have collected for you the most interesting information about them.


Mojito is a refreshing cocktail consisting of mint leaves and light rum. Its homeland is the island of Cuba. In the United States it has become famous only in 1980. Classic mojito alcohol is a mixture of six ingredients: white rum, soda water (sprite), fresh mint leaves, lime, ice and cane sugar. This amazing cocktail combines mint, the sweetness of sugar and fresh citrus, which must have been designed to divert attention from the fortress of alcohol, "disguise" it, thanks to which this drink has become one of the most favorite ways to quench your thirst in summer. Many people love this cocktail because of its freshness and lightness.

Sex On The Beach

Sex on the beach is a favorite cocktail of many girls. Is there anyone who did not taste the sweet drink with a flirty name and fruity aroma? Earlier, the cocktail "Sex on the Beach," was named as "sand in your shorts», then it was renamed to the "Fun on the beach». Nowadays, the word "sex" is no longer bothering anyone, so the drink is now called "Sex on the Beach." This cocktail is easy in preparation and contains minimum composition of ingredients. The vodka in this cocktail is almost not felt, it has a sweet and mild flavor! Therefore, if you have not tried this exotic "pleasure", then you just have to do it.

Long Island Ice Tea

This cocktail was invented in the time of the ban on alcohol. This cocktail was drank in tea cups, because it was like a cold tea . It was similar not only in the appearance but also in the odor. Despite this, the official cocktail became popular only during 70s. Now this cocktail combines several kinds of strong alcoholic drinks, lime juice and Coca-Cola.

Cuba Libre

This cocktail came quite by accident thanks to one American soldier, whose name, unfortunately, remained unknown. Legend has it that one of the hottest days in one of the bars of Havana came a group of American soldiers. He, in the fun rush proposed a toast "For the freedom of Cuba” (Por Cuba Libre!) And picked up his glass to the rest of the bar visitors with the words «Cuba Libre!». Since that time, the drink takes its name. It contains rum, Coca-Cola and lime. 

Bloody Mary

This cocktail is by far the most popular beverage in the world. It is very simple to prepare. For the drink you will need vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, salt, pepper, 2 kinds of sauce ("Votchester" and "Tabasco"), which can be found in any store. Cocktail Bloody Mary is often prepared on the morning of a hangover, and has become very popular in the bars, especially in the Halloween night.

Pina Colada

It is the famous Caribbean cocktail with rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk. Most often, "Pina Colada" is served with crushed ice and decorated with a slice of pineapple, as well as with drunken cherry berry. This unique cocktail is the official drink of Puerto Rico. Originally conceived as a cocktail of fresh pineapple juice, which was fed strained. Over time, rum was added into the composition. The recipe was born in the middle of the twentieth century in one of the many bars in Puerto Rico, which in a short time gained huge popularity in this country. There is even a memorial plaque, which is made in honor of the cocktail "Pina Colada" and its creator Ramón Riviera.


There is a story of the origin of the drink. The bartender in Cuba was short of gin. Instead of it the bartender served rum, and to somehow improve the taste he added lime and sugar. The recipe was successfully sold all over the island. Today, this cocktail is the most successful in the world due to its indispensable quality to quench the. Now there's a classic daiquiri, strawberry and others.

Blue Lagoon

This cocktail is different from other kinds of cocktails with its color: it is intensely blue. Blue Lagoon is very easy to prepare. It is a refreshing drink for hot summer days. It has a pleasant blue color, taste and aroma. The recipe of the cocktail "Blue Lagoon" was invented in 1960 by an American bartender Andy MakElhon. At first, it was thought that a drink was named after the eponymous film, which at that time was very popular. But later it emerged that the cocktail has nothing to do with the film. "Blue Lagoon" is a thermal spa in Iceland, where MakElhon has once been. The color of the resulting cocktail reminded him of the seen beauty. This cocktail is made of sprite, vodka, lemon and blue curacao liquor. 


Here is the famous Margarita cocktail with a very rich and full-bodied taste and no less rich in history. History of Margarita cocktail began in 1948. There are many legends of the appearance of this beautiful cocktail and they all are telling about a woman "Margarita". It consists of the mix the two parts of Triple Sec liqueur, three parts of tequila blanco and one part of fresh lime juice.


Bright and saturated Cosmopolitan cocktail is in the first lines of the list of the best cocktails. History of Cosmopolitan Cocktail is very rich. When it appeared, it was not as popular as it is now, but time has made to the Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe changes and helped to become a world-class cocktails.

These are the most popular from all over the world. Which one is your favorite?





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