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A Review of 10 Craft Beer Brands

A Review of 10 Craft Beer Brands

15 out of 20 bottles of beer in ratings of the best beer of all times is imperial stout.  It is the most remarkable style of beer and often the most vivid and memorable. Bourbon County is one of the best and it is hard to get as long as it is brewed in Illinois and is out of sale almost at once. A beer shop assistant in Amsterdam was telling a story that there was a few bottles of beer and it was difficult to get a regular delivery going. Dark Lord stout from Three Floyds Indiana is an apotheosis, which is able to buy once a year if to sign up for a special event visiting Indiana. 

There are a few breweries, which are worth of attention. Almost all of them are from Belgium and use spontaneous fermentation to receive the drinks. Those are Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Oud Beersel, Tilquin, Girardin and Boon. All of these breweries value handicraft trade and try not to chase the progress. 

Beer of 32% potency received through freezing in barrel-aged imperial Paradox stout.  There was a time when it was first in its kind. It is provided 40 ml in some bars and it is a right way to try it. 

Jai Alai is the most delicious kind of beer. There is more and more of a craft beer in America. There are no minuses about craft beer except for the habit to draw it. Cigar City is not afraid of habits which is why a rating site of Ratebeer put it on the fourth place in the list of the best breweries in the world. Jai Alai is hard and thick with orange and apricots as it usually is.  

Some really good beer started to appear in Russia last year basically. Now, there are a few breweries thinking in the right direction and AfBrew is one of them. They have a few kinds of beer and even a classic pumpkin ale traditional for Halloween. 

A flawless Norwegian Nøgne Ø brewery has no boring brands. When a new brand Mandarina with orange notes came out last year, Norwegians were the first ones to make single-hop IPA with it. 

For those who are sick and tired of Belgium abbatial/Trappist/blond/ beer, a brave brewery called Struise with its experiments is like a sip of fresh strong drink. 

Orval is a well-known beer, which is imported even to Russia. It is fermented partly with wild yeast Brettanomyces, which gives a typical rotten sour horsy aroma and taste. Some call it a flavor of a saddle, some come up with something else. Orval does not smell with horse that much, its taste is balanced and it is hopped pretty well. All of that will not be that interesting if no Belgian tradition to carry beer in basements obtaining more and more bars. 

As a dessert, the following might work for you: Rouge brewery provides with brands, which is thick and solid, not too sweet, sharp, too strong for stouts, with all the range of tastes like raisin covered in lacrice, char-broiled, poured with hot chocolate, soaked in milk and sprinkled with vanilla. 

Abstrakts in reality are made by BrewDog. This series was made for one-time output of special brands. AB:01 appeared in 2010 with vanilla drops, AB:10 was out red Spanish wine and the last one in February came out in 2014, AB:15 is imperial ale with taste of popcorn with salt caramel. Every brand did not go through multiple series, the first five at the auctions. 

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