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Classification of Mixed Drinks and Cocktails

Classification of Mixed Drinks and Cocktails

Cocktails Categories

Understanding of cocktail is still in the process of development let alone many of those drinks, which are considered to be a cocktail. Nowadays, almost every mixed drink is considered to be a cocktail including long drinks, which originally were high balls on the point of view of embedding technique. 

A true classic cocktail consisted of two or three components: the basic liquor, a modifier, aromatics and a flavor. A basic liquor in classic cocktail is 50% of all the drink or more. Besides, the volume of all the drink is 75-90 sm. Now all the mixed drinks are considered to be cocktails. 

Classification of cocktails on size and strength

There are the following types of cocktails in accordance with size and strength:

Hot drinks. They may be of any size and different strength. 

Long drinks. Contains from 16 to 30 cl.

Short drinks. Contains from 6 to 16 cl.

Shot drinks. Contains from 4 to 6 cl. To drink quaff. They are also called shooters. 

Classification of cocktails in accordance with time

In accordance with time a cocktail is to be drunk, it is to belong to the following types:

Aperitifs. Its role is to make a person feel hunger but not to make full. Due to cultural differences between countries, there are different kinds of aperitifs: 

Classical aperitifs. The most popular are Dry Martini and Manhattan. Kir also belong to this group. 

Mediterranean Europe aperitifs. For example, Americano, Negroni and others. 

Digestives or after dinner cocktails. They are quite strong containing cognac or coffee liquor. Among them are White Russian and Alexander. 

Any time drinks. Among them are short drinks such as Margarita or Gimlet and long drinks such as Screwdriver, Gin Fizz and Tequila Sunrise. 

Classification of cocktails to taste – sweet and sharp

There are the following groups of cocktails containing one alcohol drink, lemon juice and sugar:

Daisy, which is a short drink based on one alcohol drink, lemon juice, sugar and Grenadine syrup. It is served in old-fashioned glass on a broken to pieces ice, decorated with cherry and a slice of orange.

Collins is a long drink, mixed of some other drink with sugar, lemon juice, soda water and ice made, as a rule, right in the glass, decorated with a cherry and sipped through a straw.  

Collins, in which some sugar and lemon juice were not put in, becomes a Cooler. Thus, a Cooler is a combination of any alcohol drink with ice and a sparkling water, soda water or for example Ginger Ale. If a Cooler to serve with a broken to pieces ice, it will turn into Cobler. In such a case, it should definitely be decorated with cherry and a slice of lemon or orange. 

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