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Best Drinking Games for St. Patrick's Day

Best Drinking Games for St. Patrick's Day

b2ap3_thumbnail_stpatty.pngSaint Patrick’s Day also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick is traditionally a religious holiday. However over recent years it has increasingly become more of a secular celebration, although it is still most commonly associated with Ireland due to Saint Patrick being the patron saint. Nonetheless it is celebrated in numerous different countries and is notoriously known for being a day where drinking is a must do activity. If you are hosting your own Saint Patrick’s Day party or are just having a few friends round these drinking games will make sure everyone has a fun time. But always remember to drink responsibly and know when you need to stop drinking as one drink too many could potentially ruin the entire day and nobody wants that!

The Coin Hunt 

You will need

 - Some coins (either plastic or chocolate ones wrapped in foil)

 - Some sticky notes and a pen

 - Enough alcohol for your guests

 - A prize of your choice

How to play

First you will need to write some drinking instructions on the sticky notes and attach them to the coins. You have complete freedom on what to write on the sticky notes but some starting suggestions are things like “down your drink” or “take a shot”. Then use a little creative genius hide the coins with the attached sticky notes all over the house. Next all you need to do is set your guests off to try and find as many coins as possible. The person who collects the most is the winner and should receive the prize.


Shot Potato

You will need

 - One potato

- Shot glasses (enough for each player)

- Some Irish music

- Alcohol for shots

How to play

If you have every played hot potato as a child you will know how to play this game. If not there is no need to worry as it is pretty easy to understand. All you need to do is start passing the potato around a circle of people whilst the Irish music is playing in the background. You will need to put someone in charge of hitting the stop button at random points. Whenever the music stops the person who is left holding on to the potato has to take a shot. Pretty simple see!


b2ap3_thumbnail_stpatty2.pngIrish Kisses

What you will need

- Some lipstick

- A Pitcher

- Some alcohol for the picture

How to play

Everyone who is playing, regardless of whether they are male or female, has to apply a decent coat of lipstick. Then the alcohol is added to the pitcher and it is passed around the group clockwise. Everyone in the group is required to take a sip from the pitcher when it is passed to them. The last person to take a sip then has to act angry and yell something like “Oi !! There’s lipstick on my glass! Which one of you did this?!?!?!”. The first person to laugh after this statement is made has to see the contents of the pitcher off. See another simple and fun drinking game to play of Saint Patrick’s Day.


Irish Poker

Wherever you look for Saint Patrick’s drinking games you will be recommended this game.

What you will need

- A full set of cards

- Some drink

How to play

At the beginning of the game everyone that is playing is dealt 4 cards face down. It is essential that everyone has a fully topped up drink with them. The person left of the dealer goes first and has to guess whether they will turn over a red or black card. If they get it right everyone else drinks their drink for the number of seconds that the card value indicates. If they get it wrong they have to drink instead. This continues until everyone playing is out of cards.


Saint Patrick’s Trivia Drinking Game

What you will need

- A trivia quiz (Either make your own or get one from the internet)

- Copious amounts of alcohol

How to play

Distribute the quiz to your guests, if there are a lot then make some teams. Have a quiz-master read out the questions and ask the guests to yell out their answers. Each time a person calls out an answer and gets it wrong they must take a drink.

Happy St. Patrick’s day! Enjoy the drinking games but please drink responsibly!

Simon is a long term contributor for the financial blog of Poundaccess UK a quick cash and text loan provider. 

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