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Best Cocktail Bars in NYC

Best Cocktail Bars in NYC

New York City appears on millions of people’s lists of places that they want to visit and very few are disappointed when they finally make it there. I was lucky enough to take a city break there a few months ago and there is so much to see and do, you almost have to make a decision on whether you have time to sleep at all during your stay. One of my favorite activities though was visiting some of the best cocktail bars in NYC and, believe me, there are plenty of them. Below are some of the best that I found that are definitely worth a visit if you should find yourself in NYC any time soon.

The Pegu ClubThe Pegu Club has to receive a mention on any list of the best cocktail bars in NYC because, as well as delicious cocktails that are carefully and expertly made, you will find spending an hour or two here a really interesting experience. Some of the best cocktails to try here are the Tantris Sidecar, the Earl Grey MarTEAni and the Gin-Gin Mule. They also have lots of lovely nibbles available, too, so you will be able to enjoy plenty of different cocktails without the risk of falling off of your bar stool.

The 1920s speakeasy played a prominent part in American history and visitors to NYC will be able to experience just what they were like with a visit to the Flatiron Lounge. The décor is art deco and it contains an original bar from 1927. The music is jazz and the drinks will make your mouth water just by reading their titles. For something a little different, get one of the expert cocktail makers to mix you a Lychee and Lemongrass Fizz or a Hibiscus Swizzle. One thing that makes this one of the best cocktail bars in NYC for me though is the fact that they have a regular event called the nightly flight (in Denmark we call them flybilletter). These feature 3 mini cocktails based around a central theme or specific ingredient and are a great way for those new to cocktails to dip their toe in the alcoholic water.

And lastly on my list of the best cocktail bars in NYC is Please Don’t Tell or PDT, as it is better known. You enter the bar through a phone booth that is attached to a hot dog stall and straight away you feel like an extra in a James Bond film. When you get into PDT you will find an elegant bar with a cocktail menu, which changes with the seasons. The menu has been created by Jim Meehan, who has a reputation as one of the best mixologists in the city. If you visit in the autumn try the Witch’s Kiss cocktail that includes ingredients such as strega and tequila and comes together to create something truly unique. Of course, while you are here, you should really partake in one of the famous hotdogs that are produced next door, because they are the perfect thing to soak up the delicious alcohol you have just been enjoying.

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77 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012, USA
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