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Manchester’s Top 5 Outdoor Drinking Holes

Manchester’s Top 5 Outdoor Drinking Holes

The humble beer garden takes many forms; from the traditional wooden bench and table set-up stained with the rings of a thousand beer glasses to the elegant fairy lit paradises designed to be the perfect end to a wonderful romantic night. With the summer fast approaching, every speck of sun will be seized upon by thirsty revellers congregating for an outdoors drink. Here is a list of the top 5 places in Manchester for a drink in the sun.

5. The Courtyard

The often maligned centre-of-the-universe for Manchester students and sports fans; the Courtyard offers a sizeable and well-stocked beer garden. With outdoor TV for summer sporting events, the bar was a popular destination for people wanting to watch the heroics in last year’s Olympics with a gold drink in hand. With regular BBQs fired up and low prices at the bar; the Courtyard bends the rule that dictates student bars are solely for students.

4. Épernay

Situated above the famous Taps bar is champagne bar Épernay. This stylish and sophisticated hang-out offers a decadent range of champagnes, cocktails, liquors and bourbons. The romantic setting within the walls makes it a popular romantic hang-out during the winter months, but the exclusive balcony overlooking the Great Northern building offers lovers a private place to enjoy themselves on a barmy summer’s eve. Situated close to a number of Manchester’s premier theatres; Épernay has become a popular starting point for couples enjoying the finer things in life.

3. The Rampant Lion

A country pub in a city setting; The Rampant Lion bulges from its seams on Sunday afternoons. Offering one of the most popular traditional Sunday roast dinners in Manchester; thousands of Mancunians have become devout fans of beef and beer at the Rampant Lion on a Sunday afternoon. The large outside sitting area and conservatory means that many of its guests can enjoy the all-to-infrequent sun that Manchester is blessed with.

2. Sinclair’s Oyster Bar

A quiet day at Sinclair’s Oyster Bar is something of a rarity; the swelling external drinking area is often reduced to standing room only as hundreds of happy punters enjoy themselves in the unpredictable Manchester climes. Sinclair’s offers the holy trinity in bars: great location, low prices and booming atmosphere. The Oyster Bar enjoys a greatly varied clientele with shoppers, scholars and students alike bonding over drinks. You are as likely to witness a glamorous shopper inspect her latest Selfridges purchase as you are a history professor carefully packing his pipe tobacco.

1. 256 Wilmslow Road

Slightly out of town in the predominantly student area of Fallowfield; 256 Wilmslow Road can seat dozens upon dozens on a sunny day. With outdoor table tennis and large wicker seating; 256 Wilmslow Road is the perfect place to wile a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends. The well-stocked bar has an extensive drinks list pleasing all-comers no matter how fussy. With easy access into the city centre; 256 Wilmslow Road has become the starting point to a night out for innumerate Fallowfield locals.

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