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5 Budget Bars in San Francisco

5 Budget Bars in San Francisco

If you look hard enough, you can escape the high living costs of San Francisco and ditch the places with prices which make your wallet ache in agony. There are hidden gems in the area which offer great deals on drink specials during happy hours. Here are a few bars in the city where you can booze up without digging deep into your savings. By Sohaib S.


Because of its location to the Financial District and Union Square, Dave’s pulls in businessmen who want to let out some stress during happy hours, local hipsters, wandering tourists and regulars. The venue is a single-room yet cozy, but is a sports bar at heart. The walls are lined with local team pride and flat-screen TV’s to enjoy the games. A Giants game while drinking a cheap beer and munching on affordable nachos or hotdogs makes a great night.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can open a tab to give your friends a pleasant surprise—put their names on the board right behind the bar. When they arrive, they will be greeted with a frothy glass ready for the night ahead.

Barracuda Sushi

If you’re looking to go out and get absolutely smashed without spending too much, then Barracuda Sushi is your one and only destination. With shake bombs at just three-dollars and the nightlife surroundings of a neighbourhood like Castro, there is no better place to start the night.

Head over to Barracuda Sushi on a Wednesday for dollar beer and shake all day long. Thursdays attract loud crews of twenty to thirty year-olds because of dirt cheap shake bombs. Bottomless-mimosas on Sundays, happy hours every day, and reasonably priced sushi, Barracuda is the place to go on a budget.

Hobson’s Choice Bar

The unconventional Haight neighbourhood is home to Hobson’s Choice Bar which has over 120 different rums that would leave any pirate’s jaw dropped. Local college students, hipsters and old Haight locals make their way to Hobson’s Choice to gulp down rum punches for three-dollars.

My personal favourite here is their espresso martini special. It maybe be more expensive and slightly on the feminine side, but a drink is a drink! During happy hour, the deals get unbelievably cheap.


The cool and hip Mission District attracts in groups of bohemian youngsters accompanied by upcoming DJs at Casanova. You never really know what Casanova is—it could be a dive bar but at the same time a bachelor-lounge—with its laid back mood lighting, of course. The flavourful atmosphere really adds a mysterious aspect to the experience of drinking. Mission District can drain your wallet if you’re not careful, but Casanova will always be on the cheaper side.


The name really does describe this bar correctly—an old, white trashy décor in the back of a trailer in a wall, a menu that screams out diabetes (deep-fried everything), and drinks with names such as “The Dirty Camaro”.

Despite the description above, Butter remains a hotspot in Soho, pulling in people who are pre-drinking for a night out or frat-brothers and young hipsters who don’t know what the night has in store for them yet. Rumour has it that Butter was where Red Bull and Vodka was first combined—I guess you’ll have to go there to really find out.

With DJs playing 7 days a week and beer, liquor, food, and everything else cheaper than ever, Butter is really the epitome of budget drinking in San Francisco.

Well there are five bars that will certainly be easy on your bank account. If you’re heading into the city from a distance, then be sure to check out San Francisco hotels by HotelClub who have some great deals running in the build-up to summer.

Location (Map)

2251 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA
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