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4 Tips for Marketing Your New Craft Beer

Craft Beer

The craft beer market is a billion-dollar industry and the popularity of craft beers is on the rise. While this means consumers love their craft beer and you won’t run out of clients, it also means the competition is heating up! It’s not just about brewing a quality beer; you also need to wisely plan your marketing strategies and stand out among other brewers. Here are the best ways you can achieve this.

1. Build a Solid Website

A professional website can help you grow your business in ways you’ve never known. A simple website is not enough these days. You need interactive features that can engage your audience and turn them into customers.

One of the best marketing ideas is to install an email sign-up form that comes with a special offer visitors can enjoy if they choose to subscribe. Also, place a store locator plugin so that your audience can see where your beer is sold and the restaurants where they can consume it.

2. Create Eye-Catching Packaging

One of the surest ways to win customers over is with creative branding and packaging. The first thing you need to implement when it comes to marketing your craft beer is design. How you present your product is the first thing your audience notices when looking at various beers on a shelf.

You need to come up with innovative beer bottle designs and original craft beer labels that tell a story. Hire a professional that can create packaging that reflects the vibe of your brand. Dare to be bold and different, and be open to new ideas.

3. Invest Time in Your Online Presence

Use hashtags to promote your beer. This way, you can reach people on all the major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Upload pictures of your products and brewery as often as possible. And if you really want to impress consumers, you can always produce videos to promote your beer and brewery. People are interested in all things visual, and social media marketing can quench that “thirst.”

4. Give Email Marketing a Go

Email marketing is one of the oldest and effective forms of marketing, so it’s only natural to want to include it in your strategy. Through it, you get to connect to the consumer directly when you want to. The first thing you need to do is grow your subscriber's list and you can do this by adding a sign-up form on your website and social media profiles.

Then, you must work on delivering quality emails that your audience will want to read. This includes both a catchy subject line and interesting content such as food or cocktail recipes that include beer, new product releases, special offers, and even videos.

Driving sales and boosting your business means making yourself visible to consumers. Traditional and digital marketing tactics are some of the best tools to use if you want to turn online visitors and consumers into loyal customers. The strategies discussed above are some of the best ways you can get started.

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