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Beer - Removing Heartaches since Time Immemorial

Beer - Removing Heartaches since Time Immemorial

While I was growing up, I've seen a lot of movies where heartbroken guys or problematic teenage girls grab a bottle of their favorite beer and start gorging up the whole bottle until they got too drunk to even stand up. Fortunately, my parents were kind enough to explain to me that drinking booze does not solve all of life's problems. Or does it?

I guess, without fail, that this is the reason why a lot of people go out to drink their favorite beer after a whole day of work. And it's not just in our time; back in the Medieval days, men from all walks of life would come marching inside the tavern to get into high spirits. Or so they say. And during the Renaissance period, this was the time when broken hearted nobles and peasants would gather and drink all their heartaches away!

I guess it's no different from what is happening today. People are proud to be drinking beer. I know I am; my growing collection of beer shirts can attest to that.

In any case, what is it in beer that makes people feel a bit better the next day? I guess it may have something to do with its relaxing and refreshing taste. Even doctors believe that drinking beer at a moderate pace can help with certain body processes as well as act as an anti-depressant. For those who are not exactly familiar with how beer is made, it is made from a process called brewing. Ingredients like malt, yeast and hops are mixed together and eventually becomes the beverage most guys love. You'll probably have a problem choosing which particular brand of beer you like, since there are lots available in the market. Carlsberg and Budweiser are just a few of the most popular beer brands that are popular in the States.

Moderate alcohol consumption is indeed good for the heart. Literally speaking though, beer consumption is good for the cardiovascular system since it is associated with elevated levels of high-density lipoprotens or HDL. HDL is the healthy part of cholesterol. Beer drinkers also have lower levels of fibrinogen, a protein that is associated with stroke. Beer also lowers insulin and the risk of atherosclerosis, otherwise known as the hardening of your arteries. Therefore, if you want to keep a healthy heart, you may want a couple of cans of beer inside your refrigerator every once in awhile. But keep in mind that although beer is healthy, drinking should be done moderately. I don't think it takes a genius to understand as to what happens when people drink too much beer!

While beer is fat-free and has no cholesterol, drinking too much alcohol causes beer belly. One glass of beer carries around 150 to 450 calories, depending on the kind of brew for each beer brand. Health problems such as kidney and liver problems are usually associated with alcohol abuse. Traffic accidents because of drunk driving are rampant, as well as crime committed because of drug addiction combined with alcohol dependence. With all these in mind, drinking too much beer is ultimately not a good solution to all of life's problems!

While it's okay to drink beer in order to soothe the heartaches of a failed relationship, don't drink too often. Get busy and go out with your friends. It takes time and patience to recover from such an ordeal, although having a cold glass of beer by your side is not a bad idea too.

About the Author: Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. She enjoys going to parties and clubs together with her friends, but most of the time, she prefers to stay at home and watch movies in her room.

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