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Top Lounge Bars in Dubai

Top Lounge Bars in Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most developed cities of the country. Over last couple of years, the city has developed amazingly. Dubai has got natural as well as man-made wonders. To explore and enjoy the city’s wonders, tourists from different parts of the countries visit Dubai. Therefore, the city has seen lots of tourists over the last couple of years. There are lots of things to do in Dubai and lot many places to visit as well in the city.

In Dubai, you can enjoy the nightlife of the city. With its various bars and nightclubs, the young crowd of not only the city but also of other cities and countries of the world enjoy the nightlife to a great extent. There are luxurious as well as affordable bars and nightclubs found in the city. Let’s look at some of the famous one:

Jetty Lounge: Jetty Lounge was opened in 2010. Since then, it has become one of the most favorite outdoor lounge bars of Dubai. Jetty has got whitewashed Arabian architecture, beautiful beach front location and minimalist outdoor terrace. It is one of the famous landmarks of Dubai. Most of the young people come here to enjoy the cocktails, wine and champagne.

Zuma: Zuma is not only located in Dubai but has also got its branches in London and Hong Kong. However, if you are on a visit to Dubai then you should go to the Japanese bar, shushi restaurant located in the heart of DIFC. Zuma offers best customer service and its Japanese cuisine, although it is relatively expensive, is outstanding and worth a visit.

360: It is the ultimate nightlife destination of Dubai. At the end of its pier, it has got the cylinder shaped space which offers panoramic views of the Dubai coastline, the famous Burj Khalifa and the spectacular sunsets of the Arabian Gulf.

Calabar: It attracts lots of fashion freak and vibrant young crowd of Dubai. Calabar’s USP is located in its outdoor terrace that is situated under the uber cool, blue lit Address Hotel and happens to overlook the Burj Khalifa. It has got very good service, delicious food and extra-ordinary drink selection.

Cabana: It is located at The Address Dubai Mall. It is one of the grand outdoor venues. It has also got private cabanas which is the perfect place to enjoy the poolside. Cabana also gives an exotic and beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa.

Don’t miss the chance of visiting Dubai. If you are on a visit to the city, make sure that you also take the advantage of yacht chartering, deep sea fishing, big bus tour, hot air balloon ride and much more. Dubai is apt for those who desire to get peace of mind during the vacation after the year-long busy, hectic and tiresome schedule. However, the city is most preferable for all those who desire to have an adventurous holiday trip with your family or friends.

Bio:- I am Tamanna Shaikh, Team Lead at one of the leading Dubai based company which specialize in Travel service. I am also a travel Enthusiast and blogger who love to write on activities in Dubai and other popular travel places and traveling experience.

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