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Go on your own alien odyssey

Little A’Le’Inn The quintessential stop for alien hunters, it offers food, booze and motel rooms in closest possible proximity to Area 51. Rachel, Nevada, 775-729-2515, littlealeinn.com.

Hoover Dam Store & Flying Saucer Area 52 A family-owned gift shop in Boulder City with an amazing selection of new, used and rare books and DVDs about aliens. Ask about the “secret underwater alien UFO base” that possibly resides under Hoover Dam. And don’t miss the flying saucer photo opp. 441 Nevada Way, Boulder City, 702-293-1823, flyingsaucerarea52.com.

Alien Research Center Advertised as the “Gateway to Area 51,” this souvenir shop boasts a staggering selection of space-themed gear. Owner George Harris, who also owns the Alien Tequila brand, plans to open a museum at the center by the end of the year. It will feature information and artifacts from Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51 and the alien culture at large. 100 Extraterrestrial Highway, Hiko, Nevada, 775-725-3750, alientequila.com, alienresearchcenter.com.

E-T Fresh Jerky Why is beef jerky associated with aliens? Why do aliens abduct cattle? Perhaps because cows are delicious. No trip to the unknown is complete without some dried meat to fuel your journey. The whimsical murals of Wild West-styled aliens are worth the stop. 12600 US-93, Hiko, Nevada, 775-725-3677, e-t-freshjerky.com.

Extraterrestrial Highway Also known as State Route 375, this is a 100-mile stretch of road that’ll take you past the mysterious “Black Mailbox” and the unmarked dirt roads to Area 51. Get gas and water before you go. travelnevada.com/adventures/32917/et-highway.

Where the Sky Touched the Earth: The Cosmological Landscapes of the Southwest by Don Lago For those who’d like to delve into the literary side of star-gazing, don’t miss this essay collection about the night skies of the Desert Southwest. University of Nevada Pressed published Where the Sky Touched the Earth this spring. Award-winning author and nature writer Don Lago writes about the Grand Canyon. $25.

Alien Highway DVD Filmmakers Roger Mexico and Mike Brown produced a 2012 documentary about the alien culture in Nevada. Lovingly made, the film captures a now-bygone highpoint in alien lore. alienhighwaythemovie.com.

Elvis, Marilyn and the Space Aliens: Icons on Screen in Nevada by Robin Holabird Former deputy director of the Nevada Film Office Robin Holabird recently wrote about about filmmaking in Nevada. It includes an entire chapter about the challenge of making movies and TV shows about aliens and Area 51. $25, University of Nevada Press.

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