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Where to Go For Columbus Day Drinks on the Upper West Side


With Columbus Day weekend providing an extra day to stay home, there’s no better time to reconnect with your inner circle over a great glass of wine or a cocktail. While the city is replete with places to grab a beer, the Upper West Side has some of the city’s best restaurants for daytime drinks, from sangria to bellinis. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a drink or two this Columbus Day, look no further than these Upper West Side hotspots:

Le Pif

Part wine bar, restaurant, and entirely charming, Le Pif is ideal for when you’re looking to enjoy some fancy French wine, but don’t feel like braving the crowds at Balthazar. Pick from one of the 65 bottles of French wine available or the 40 Le Pif serves by the glass and, if you’re feeling peckish, try out their tempting fare, like French toast or a decadent brie and truffle honey sandwich on toasted brioche.

Maison Pickle

With over 80 wines, 18 beers, and a wide variety of cocktails, from the Earl Gray-infused Maison Punch to a grapefruit-accented Tom Collins, there’s a drink to suit every taste at Maison Pickle. Fortunately, there’s also plenty of hearty fare, from French dips to mac and cheese, to stave off a hangover.

The Mermaid Inn

A true New York treasure, the Mermaid Inn has been delighting cocktail lovers on the Upper West Side for years. Cocktails like pomegranate margaritas, bellinis, and bloody Marys, are lovingly crafted throughout the daytime rush, and guests can also enjoy a wealth of tasty raw bar options, like oysters and tuna crudo.

Café Luxembourg

A charming bistro just off Broadway, Café Luxembourg has long been a hotspot for Upper West Siders. Considering the menu of perfectly-prepared cocktails, like the Luxembourg Manhattan and Mezcal Negroni, and tasty meals, from steak frites to avocado toast, Café Luxembourg’s menu is always sure to hit the spot.

Calle Ocho

While guests come for the food at this Latin eatery, it’s the sangria they stay for. Whether you’re in the mood for the Latin Benedict or opt for the chipotle aioli-topped Torta de Pollo, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect dish on Callo Ocho’s menu. Even better, complimentary sangria in eight different flavors, from those infused with lemons and apples, to a brandy and blueberry concoction, will be poured throughout the meal.

Take a break from your usual bar this Columbus Day and enjoy a few drinks and some great conversation at one of the Upper West Side’s best eateries. Whether you’re enjoying a bellini or sipping sangria, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for at one of this Manhattan enclave’s eateries.    

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