4 Great Gifts For The Beer Enthusiast In Your Life

4 Great Gifts For The Beer Enthusiast In Your Life

Make the beer lover in your life happy with one or more of these great gifts. The gift doesn't need to be expensive. It just needs to show that you care... and it doesn't hurt if it's also delicious.

Begin a beer mug collection

You can start a beer mug collection for your beer lover with just a few cool mugs. Then you can continue buying more mugs as various special occasions arrive. You can buy almost any beer mug imaginable online at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, or Walmart.

Don't forget to check ebay for special and rare mugs. Some of your local stores should also have beer mugs or steins for sale. No matter where you purchase these beer mugs, get them ahead of the date of the special occasion. Then you can wrap them up in a fancy box and make a big deal about the presentation.

Starter kit for home brewing

Some hard-core beer enthusiasts might want to try brewing their own beer. Here are some home brewing starter kits you can review. However, the kettle, bottles, and ingredients are not included in these starter kits. You also may need a bottle capping device.

Midwest Supplies provides all the equipment you need to start brewing beer. You can even buy a case of 24 amber 12-ounce beer bottles.

MoreBeer has both the starter kit and the kettle, bottles, and ingredients for sale at their site.

Membership in a beer of the month club

This gift is perfect for the adventurous beer drinker. Every month, Beer of the Month Club will ship them 12 bottles of hand selected microbrewed beer in 4 different varieties, and it will be delivered right to their front door. This will give them the chance to try new and exciting beer without having to go hunting. Recent selections include an Oatmeal Stout and White Ale from Millstream Brewery in Iowa and a IPA and Turbo Dog Lager from the Abita Brewery in Louisiana. You can read more about how beers are selected and more at www.greatclubs.com.

Plan some beer parties

Your favorite beer drinker may already have impromptu beer parties on occasion. However, this idea goes beyond just the makeshift get together. You could plan to have special treats, special beers, and a friendly atmosphere with no awkward interruptions. Depending on the guests that are commonly invited, you might try a beer tasting session.

If some of the guests might be tempted to imbibe too much beer, you could provide for a free pickup and delivery ride for them. The idea is to make this a fun time and to provide ready-made solutions for any foreseeable problems.

Whatever choice you make, your favorite beer drinker will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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