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Why Ireland Is The Best Destination For Drinking

Aside from the warm welcome, Ireland is also famed for the region’s many fine bars and eateries. Set upon a backdrop of unique scenery, it’s the perfect place in which to enjoy a drink, two or even more with some of the friendliest people on the world.


Prior to planning a trip to this vibrant region, it’s important to remember to invest in cheap travel insurance. Once you have this in order, only then should you begin planning an itinerary.

The region’s abundance of Irish pubs is renowned for their ‘craic’ thanks to its amazing crowd and many options for live music and dance. The Irish also host a number of popular festivals, one of the more celebrated being St. Patrick`s Day which brings nearly millions of visitors yearly to enjoy the “craic” with the Irish. You should definitely try the green beer made especially for that festival. With many attractions indoor and out, Ireland is an outstanding tourist destination especially for those who love drinking.

For hundreds of years, Ireland has created a wide range of worldly beverages; it’s a nation prominent for its compulsive drinking, legendary Guinness ale and some of the most sought-after whiskeys on the planet. Regardless of your taste, this is a place that has something to offer all and whilst on holiday here, you should set about sampling some of the local delights.



Often described as silk in a glass, this is one beverage close to Ireland. Created by Arthur Guinness in 1759 at the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin, this dark ale as progressed into a distinguished dark stout – and is now enjoyed in all corners of the world. You can enjoy the best Guinness freshly poured by you if you decide to take the tour in Guinness Store house. They also offer the chance for Guinness tasting, as well as trying delicious foods made with Guinness.

Why not also try the famous shooter Baby Guinness.

Irish Whiskey

In total, Ireland is home to several distilleries, many of which create some of the worlds most premium names. This particular beverage is often nicknamed the ‘water of life’. When visiting Ireland, you’ll find the most popular variants include single grain, single malt and blended whiskey. You can visit the famous Jameson Brewery in Dublin, as well as enjoying some of the best whiskeys in the world like Jameson, Powers, Bushmills, Paddy, Tullamore Dew, etc.

Irish Coffee


If you’re not a fan of sipping on whiskey straight up, an Irish coffee may be more suited. All in all, it’s coffee with a kick and is often finished with a large helping of freshly whipped cream.

Bulmers Cider

Another popular tipple in this area is cider, which went into production in Ireland in 1935. Over 17 different variants of apples are grown in the Bulmer’s orchards, which are situated in Clonmel Ireland.

Some Of The Best Pubs In Ireland

In order to sample the many tipples on offer, you’ll need to do a little research prior to your stay. One of the most famous Irish bars is McCarthy’s in Fethard, Co Tipperary. With rolling smoky mountains, ancient monasteries, racetracks wet roads and creameries making up the backdrop for this venue, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Another venue with legendary status is EJ Morrissey’s in Co Laois. At one time it was frowned upon to drive through the area without stopping at Morrissey’s for a pint. It lies on the main Dublin-Cork road, which certainly makes it a popular with both the visitors and the locals. Essentially the pub is an ample-sized wooden cavern, dimly lit by lamps that suspend from the ceiling. The rest of the space is made up of comfy snugs and dismantled clocks.

Other big names to visit include Clancy’s at Co Kildare, Tigh Neachtain’s in Galway City and Thomas Connolly’s in Co Sligo.

Right now, Ireland offers a little of everything. From the lingering beauty of unspoiled landscapes and the dramatic coastline, to the urban vibrancy of the country’s lively cities and the famous pub scene, Ireland is a destination that never fails to amaze its visitors, especially those looking for a drinking adventure. 

Location (Map)

Fethard, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
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