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Beer for the Rich and Famous - The Top Five Most Expensive Beer in the World

Beer for the Rich and Famous - The Top Five Most Expensive Beer in the World

As a beer-loving individual, I find it hard not to indulge myself in the finest beers that my money can buy inside a convenience store. However, I don't think I'll be able to spend a thousand dollars or plus on just one particular type or brand of beer. Unfortunately, some beers costs thousands of dollars or even more than that. Perhaps its because these are the type of alcoholic beverage that you won't see anywhere else.

Well, it has to. There's no other rational explanation why these beers are so expensive!

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of beers that are ridiculously priced, but none can match the top five beer that I've included in this article. Whether you like it or not, these highly-priced (and highly prized) drink of the gods will forever haunt my memory. Unless I win the lottery tomorrow and I get a billion dollars, then I'll probably buy one or two.

Yes, that's exactly how most people would want it. Bathing in expensive beer.

5. The Tutankhamun Ale

Let's start off with the least expensive beer. The Tutankhamun Ale costs around $52 per bottle, which is kinda insane because you wouldn't pay that amount for a good old Jack Daniels beer. Brewed inside a Cambridge laboratory, its said that the recipe actually came from Queen Nefertiti's temple in Egypt. Queen Nefertiti was the very first female Pharaoh of Egypt (the second female is the deadly Cleopatra) and her stepson, Tutankhamun, was the basis as to why the formula was called Tutankhamun Ale.

Seriously, if I ever invent a new type of beer and then decide to keep the recipe, I have to wonder as to how much money my recipe will make in the not-so-distant future.

Of course, I have no idea how to brew. Moving forward...

4. Samuel Adams Utopias

Alright, another beer from history. This time, it's Samuel Adams Utopias. Some people call it Boston Beer Company's Utopias, but I like to call it Samuel Adams because I am such a patriot. In any case, the beer costs $100, which is four times higher than the Tutankhamun Ale. While it is formally the most expensive beer, this baby still holds the Guiness Book of World Record for being the strongest beer, since it's 50% proof.

Brewed with a blend of high-quality hops and sold in a very beautiful copper brew kettle, the Samuel Adams Utopias is non-carbonated, so it's okay to serve it within room temperature.

But it's still expensive, so how about no?

3. The Carlsberg Vintage 3

Carlsberg was my dad's favorite beer company. I never grew fond of them because I can't stand the strong flavour. The Carlsberg group is best known for the Pilsner, which is a light-bodied lager. However, Carlsberg decided to create an ultimately expensive beer that will forever haunt my Dad's tastes.

The Vintage 3 is, of course, the third of the Vintage beers created from 2008 to 2010. There were only 1000 bottles were hand tapped and labeled; the beer is priced at 2,008 Danish Kroner. In the US, it costs around $384. The only time my Dad was able to drink a Vintage 3 was around Christmas.

2. Brewdog's "The End of History" Beer

I'd rather call it "Roadkill Beer" because that's what it is. Scottish brewery Brewdog have produced a beer that is served in bottles covered in stuffed squirrel or weasel pelt. And it also doesn't help with the fact that these animals were once roadkill. Gee, if only I knew, I would've asked my brother to pick up roadkill from the street in front of our house and sell them to the Brewdog company! Only eleven beer have been reproduced, each priced at $765 per bottle. Damn!

Before I forget, The End of History is marked 55% alcohol. Way to have a hangover in the morning!

But uhhh, I don't know about you guys, but it's roadkill. ROADKILL. Do I have to spell it out loud? 

Forget it. I love my Jacks very much. Thank you!

1. The Antarctic Nail Ale

Well, this beer hit the number one spot not just because of its ridiculous price, but because of its unusual brewing process. The Antarctic Nail Ale was actually brewed from actual Antarctic ice and is currently priced at $800 per bottle. Now this is pure scam!

If you're really that rich, try checking the Internet as to where you can buy this beer. There are only thirty bottles that were produced for consumption, so good luck on looking for it. But seriously, I don't think I would want to spend as much as $800 for a beer!

I would rather buy cask beer. That would certainly make my day!

About the Author: Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. During her day-offs, she loves spending the day hanging out with her friends. If she's feeling too lazy, she often spends the time updating Wordbaristas.com.


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