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TV Stars and Their Favorite Drinks

TV Stars and Their Favorite Drinks

TV characters have long been associated with spirits and other alcoholic drinks. Whether it "Cheers'" Norm Peterson and his beer-on-tap, or Don Draper’s passion for a good Old Fashioned, TV characters have never been shy about their alcohol consumption. In fact, many such TV characters, especially those depicted during decades when alcohol consumption was much more free-flowing, are tied to their favorite drinks. This is not to say, however, that more modern TV characters, such as Lucille Bluth, have not enjoyed a good cocktail. Drink like your favorite TV stars with these four recipes.

Don Draper

"Mad Men" protagonist, Don Draper, is one of the most notable TV stars in recent memory to be associated with one particular drink. Perched in his panoramic office above the busy city streets in his Manhattan high-rise, Don Draper is not timid about mixing a good Old Fashioned at the end, or even during the middle of the workday. Whether you are looking for a little creative inspiration or just want a drink with a little more bite, Draper's Old Fashioned might whet your pallet. According to the "Mad Men" website, Draper's favorite cocktail includes dissolved sugar into a glass along with bitters, followed by bourbon and topped off with a cherry and citrus garnish.

Lucille Bluth

With her snobbish wit in one hand and a martini in the other, "Arrested Development" mother Lucille Bluth is the poster child for the mantra "It's always five o'clock somewhere." While some may find her obnoxious, others find her hysterically funny (she's both), and she's never far from her next martini. This James Bond favorite requires few ingredients. Simply add either vodka or gin in a shaker with vermouth, shake and enjoy with an olive or two.

Norm Peterson

Hunched over at the "Cheers" bar with Sam Malone as the show's other colorful characters banter back and forth, Norm simply would not be as lovable without a fresh, cold beer always spotted in front of him. Perhaps the best part about Norm's love of beer is that throughout the show, it was never out of a can or bottle. Instead, a frothy lager of his choice was always waiting for him in a tall mug, which became his signature on the show. Now, everybody knows his name even outside of "Cheers."

Nucky Thompson

Similar to "Mad Men," HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" is host to a strong presence of alcohol. After all, what would a show about bootlegging and prohibition be without a few drinks? More specifically, the show's main character, Nucky Thompson, is often seen with a sidecar in-hand. In case you have yet to catch a glimpse of Nucky sipping on a sidecar, you can do so on HBO through GetDirectTV.org. And if you would like to make a Sidecar of your own first, start with equal parts Cointreau and lemon juice, then simply add two parts cognac.

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