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Sports Bars in Chelsea

Sports Bars in Chelsea

Thanks to Chelsea’s close proximity to Madison Square Garden (home to the Rangers and the Knicks,) as well as its closeness to the now sports-focused Chelsea Piers, this art-centric, West-Side neighborhood is far more prone to accommodating a multitude of sports fans than you might expect.  As such, it’s a bonafide hot-spot for sports bars these days—here are five of our favorites.


This isn’t just our favorite sports bar in Chelsea—it’s one of our favorites in the entire city. With three floors to choose from and a multitude of LED HD televisions, you’ll never have to watch your favorite hockey, basketball, football, baseball or soccer game alone, ever again. This bar has such a great rep with the international sporting community, it recently got a visit from Sir Alex Ferguson—manager of Britain’s most famous soccer team, Manchester United. Oh, and by the way? Smithfield’s Happy Hour is all day, every day, until 8 p.m.—it doesn’t get any better than that.

The Flying Puck

You can probably guess from the name which sport The Flying Puck favors most—hockey, of course! This place is Rangers fan heaven—the hottest spot for hockey-lovers to hang out before and after Madison Square Garden games (it’s literally half a block away from the arena, so extraordinarily convenient) and the next-best place to watch all of the action, as it happens, if you couldn’t get a ticket for the game in time.  Far better then watching at home! The drink specials in here are all hockey-themed as well—we recommend the Penalty Shot.  

SNAP: Sports Nightlife and Pastime

This spacious, TV-lined bar is a favorite with Knicks-enthusiasts, but is a mecca for sports fans of all kinds—as is evidenced by the amazing décor in here. Boxer-themed wallpaper, baseball-related wood-paneling, trophies of all kinds—the attention to detail is incredible. Best of all, there are so many televisions in here, you never have to miss your favorite sporting event—even if it’s horse-racing, golf, tennis, or something you’re usually less likely to see playing in a bar.

Molly Wee Pub

Now, technically, back when this place first opened in 1980, it was just a good, old-fashioned Irish pub, full of Guinness and warmth and delightfully-accented bar staff. These days though, the Molly Wee has become a haven for Mets and Rangers fans, looking for a friendly place to watch games, without being in an over-crowded, over-zealous environment. Molly Wee is ideal for sports fans who want to enjoy games, surrounded by team spirit, without the chaos of more obvious sports bars. Also, take note: the “pub grub” (that’s bar snacks, to me and you) here is fantastic.

The Ainsworth

Because this is a classier-than-most sports bar, it also has a reputation for attracting celebrities—of both the general and sporting variety. This year alone, members of the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys have all made appearances, along with the likes of pop star, Joe Jonas and actor, Cuba Gooding Junior. There are forty flat-screens here, which means you’ll never miss a thing—unless you’re too busy star-spotting, that is.


Location (Map)

215 West 28th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA
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