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Delightful Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try This Holiday Season

Delightful Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try This Holiday Season

The holidays are here again, and with them come the party planning, recipe exchanges, and of course those fun beverages strictly for the grownups. Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve, there are an array of alcoholic drinks to make and enjoy. Here is a selection of delightful holiday drinks for you and your friends to try this year and to love every year that follows.

For Halloween

Getting ready to host a killer Halloween party? Don't rule out considering one of these perfectly themed Halloween drinks.

If you are in the mood for something a little morbid, consider raising the dead with a Clementine Corpse Reviver cocktail. Typically garnished with an orange swirl, consider including festive Halloween color liquors to add a bit more visual appeal.

The aptly named R.I.P. features a pumpkin spice flavoring that is just right for fall. Another cocktail option includes the Itsy Bitsy, which is garnished with a raspberry spider. Your Halloween evening wouldn't be complete without a sip of Witch's Brew, perfect for a late night horror movie fest.

Whether you're with friends or scared out of your wits at home alone, these creative little drinks are sure to help make your evening more fun.

At Thanksgiving and Christmas

From late November into December, you may find yourself spending a great deal of time with family and friends. Take a break from pretending to enjoy the fruitcake with some old and new favorites!

For Thanksgiving, pumpkins continue to be a perfect autumn flavor. Try the Pumpkin and Apple Cider cocktail or Pumpkin Spice Martini. Thanksgiving Day football games also provide a fun theme opportunity. Consider serving up the football-themed Cheerleader for family members over to watch the game.

The Very Merry Punch is a great post Thanksgiving treat, preferable for calming nerves after surviving “Black Friday”. Warm up in front of the fire with a Spiced Pumpkin Eggnog and when Christmas rolls around, it's strongly recommend that you celebrate with Apple Cider Margaritas.

One helpful tip:  Break out your brand new or reconditioned omega juicers for adding a bit of natural seasonal flavors to your drinks. You can't wrong with authentic pumpkin or apple juice in your recipes.

Ringing In The New Year Right

Almost as soon as the year begins it seems to end. Already you're rummaging through the closet looking for what to wear at end-of-the-year parties. A night without a New Year's toast seems unthinkable.

One delectable choice for ringing in the new year is the Sparkling Cranberry Crush. If you're seeking a more festive and upbeat drink, the New Year's Sparkler is a cheery selection. Seconds until midnight, you can count down while holding the Midnight Kick or enjoy the appropriately named Happy New Year.

Flavors to remember for this time of year are pumpkin and apple cider. Cinnamon also has the potential to provide an idea seasonal flavor. If you're into color themes, warm colors such as oranges, reds, and browns work. Though for Halloween, greens, purples and even a daring black can make beverages really pop.

Be bold and creative, and remember to drink responsibly. Happy Holidays!

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