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Texas Can-You-Holdem': 4 Signature Drinks to Try In the Lonestar State

Texas Can-You-Holdem': 4 Signature Drinks to Try In the Lonestar State

Everyone knows Austin is the place to be in Texas, or for that matter, in all the world, when it comes to having a good time. The undisputed live music capital of the world has so many great bars, clubs, honkytonks, and saloons, it's impossible to choose one, or a even a handful, that stand hat and moustache above the rest. Locals and visitors all agree that Austin not only has the greatest music, but the best food and drink in the Southwest, and some of the most mouth-watering concoctions you will ever find are served up in the bars. Get yourself a designated driver, saddle up and try a few of the signature drinks that make any weekend in the Longhorn City a time worth remembering.

Tobacco Mule at Frank

Known for inventive hot dogs, this palace of cased meat offers food specialties like the Jackalope or the Sonoran Dog. Enjoy these with a long, tall, cold beer. Then try a libation that is just made for the adventurous Texan:

This Texas-sized drink has a kick like a Tennessee mule. A devilish concoction of tobacco-infused Maker’s Mark, mixed vigorously with Maine Root ginger beer, Key Lime juice, spanked mint, and Angostura bitters, this smokin’ pot of spirits is served in a generous 12 ounce quilted Mason jar on the rocks. Sip slowly and do not inhale.

Siamese Caipirinha at Mettle

Mettle is new to the East Austin scene, but this bistro has some taste-bud tingling menu items that will please anyone who loves refined food served imaginatively with a large helping of international influence. The drink menu is no less impressive. Try this fusion drink:

A Pacific Rim inspired signature drink that may make you think of volcanoes and tiki gods, this potion is a secret mixture containing Thai chili and basil infused Cachaca, swizzled with some fresh lime. They could have called this drink Fire on Ice. Try it out if you like a good kick.

Hatch Chili Mango Margarita at Icenhour's

Icenhauer's is a quaint, trendy bar a few blocks off the Interstate that draws a chic crowd who enjoy the living room-like atmosphere, or an evening under the stars on the patio. Nestled in a renovated "wing and gable" house originally built in 1895, the bartenders are known for whipping up imaginative and non-traditional cocktails in this traditional old home. Give this specialty a try:

Salt and pepper always go together, right? This New Mexico inspired lightning-in-a-glass drink is made with Hatch green chili-infused Espolón Silver Tequila, some essence of mango, red pepper simple syrup, and fresh lime juice – in a salt encrusted stemmed glass, of course.

Polynesian Julep at Bar Congress

Bar Congress has given the tiki bar a rebirth in Austin; and at a place where the bartenders in town like to go when they are off duty, you can find a magic potion that might have you seeing grass skirts and conch shells. Not for sissies, here is a drink that is sure to start a tsunami in your mouth:

This delicious rum drink blends Zaya 12-year-old Rum, Smith & Cross Rum, vintage Tawny Port, pineapple juice, vanilla-infused maple syrup, lime juice, allspice and a dash of Bittermans’ Tiki bitters, served in a Julep cup with a finely crushed snow cone of ice garnished with mint, cinnamon, and a rum soaked pineapple cap – and a cherry, of course. Parasol optional.

It’s all about having fun – but, if you are driving under the influence and get busted for having TOO much fun, the party is over. Don’t drink and drive. If you did, and you got caught, you need a qualified DWI attorney to defend your DWI case in Austin. In Texas, DWI cases are serious offenses that may result in a criminal record, loss of driving privileges, and incarceration. Check out Harronlaw.com for help if you get in trouble. Better yet, get someone to take you home from the bar if you have had too many. As you make responsible choices and check out a few of these signature drinks, your time in Austin is sure to be unforgettable!

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