Be Kind To Each Other: 10 Inspiring Acts Of Kindness


 “One good turn deserves another”

Although there’s a lot of truth in that simple phrase, there’s not much being done daily to put it into practice. The world is steering towards a more ‘self-centered’ approach to deal with their problems. Every day, people are becoming more oriented to focus on themselves than those around them who might require help. The concept of self-welfare, self-appraisal, and self-care is gaining popularity daily.

Hard to say that this concept is wrong. People should always seek out their welfare, and take good care of themselves when necessary. But there should always be a balance. In looking out for themselves, people shouldn’t be oblivious of those around them who might need some help. Every day we meet people that are incapacitated in one way or another, and sometimes all it takes is just a gesture of kindness. However, it is essential to understand that some people still don’t get the true scope of kindness. This can be possible because they haven’t had it explained to them in a different way. Or they had gotten too familiar with the concept over time.

Kindness – how big is it?

The simplest definition of kindness is the act of being good to someone, irrespective of whether they deserve it or not. Kindness is the simplest, most inexpensive good gesture that can be displayed from one human being to another. And the best part? There’s a ton of simple ‘random acts of kindness ideas’ that people can choose from. Because it isn’t always the act – it’s the motive behind the act.

One thing that we should all keep in mind is that kindness is not limited to material things. Matter of fact, there are people that feel way better when somebody uses other means besides material things to show kindness to them. There are quite a number of ways to show kindness and we would take a peek at ten of them:

  1. Compliments

Words exert a great amount of influence, whether positive or negative. Three positive words might be all a person needs to feel twice better than they did before. And one negative word might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for a very depressed person. Compliments don’t have to be long, they should be genuine, though. Phrases like “You look lovely today” or “Just want to let you know that you matter” tend to lift the human’s spirit fкom the moody state to a more cheerful disposition.

  1. A helping hand

Attempting to render help on essay now to a student short of time is another one among the most common deeds of kindness. It was also once reported that a man running late for his train stopped in his tracks to help an old lady who had difficulty climbing down the stairs. Helping hands are quite the epitome of kind moves.

  1. Secret helpers

Have a neighbor who is a single mom of two toddlers, with an overgrown lawn? Helping her get it cleared or hiring someone to do it and paying them is also classified as a kind deed. She probably has her hands so full of the kids she barely notices her lawn.

  1. Secret Santa

Who said anything about secret Santa being only suitable for the Christmas season? Seeing a homeless man barely clothed for the upcoming winter can prompt you to secretly gift him that coat you’ve stopped wearing. Because people are sometimes shy to face those they help, wrapping it and placing it where the homeless guy will find it can help a lot.

  1. Crossing the road

Don’t get it twisted, old ladies still experience difficulties crossing busy roads. Especially in bustling cities where drivers are too focused on their destinations to watch the roads closely. Helping old ladies to get to the other side safely is the priceless act of a gentle heart. The old lady might not be able to repay you, but gratitude is shown in other ways, right?

  1. Helping a handicapped person

During an open-air concert, a crowd once raised the wheelchair of a guy with cerebral palsy so he could get the best view and sing along with his favorite stars as they performed onstage. How thoughtful of them, don’t you think?

  1. Random note

Have a neighbor or know someone who barely gets by financially? Even if you don’t have any funds, slipping them a note of encouragement can be just fine. Telling them they matter and that you wish they get through their tough moments can sometimes be the lifesaver in a potential suicide case. It’s not every time you mind your business, try sometimes to mind someone else’s.

  1. An anonymous visit to a health facility

Children who spend a good part of their lives fighting cancer and other serious ailments could use some occasional checkups. Get yourself goofy by dressing in a superhero costume. You will be their hero for life. The smiles brought about by such good acts of kindness are more expensive than the money you would get for doing the ‘job.’

  1. Volunteer to help aged people

As people age, their mobility decreases, and sometimes due to conditions like dementia, incontinence, and the likes, they might need constant care. Signing up to various organizations that allow people to provide companionship for these people is a worthy thought, especially if they don’t have the family.

  1. A flower for the nurse

Nurses and sanitary workers are some of the professions that sometimes get less recognition than they deserve. If you know such people around you, or have been on the receiving end of their services, a pretty flower to brighten up their day is a superb idea. You can choose to be discreet or even add a ‘thank you’ note.

Author’s bio

Sandra Hayward is a content writer at EduBirdie and a part-time volunteer at an animal shelter. She loves writing on life’s basic values like love, respect, kindness, and tolerance.

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