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6 Super Cool Gadgets for the Manly Drinker

6 Super Cool Gadgets for the Manly Drinker

Men love to drink, and can you blame us? After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like unwinding with a nice cold one. And what better way to enjoy the weekend than with a few tasty adult beverages?

But the old way of drinking just doesn’t cut it anymore. Walking to the fridge to fish out of a beer every time you need a fresh one is so retro. Thankfully, alcohol and ingenuity go hand in hand. Some of us get our best ideas after a couple of drinks. That’s why it comes as no surprise that some insanely cool and innovative drinking gadgets have been invented over the years.

If you’re a guy who likes to drink, these are 6 gadgets you need to get in your life ASAP.

The Beer Holster

Beer Holster

Image source: http://www.waycoolgadgets.com/beer-holster/

When you’re out camping, fishing, walking around a party, or even doing handy work around the house, it’s always nice to have a few beers on you at all times. With this handy gadget, you can carry up to 6 beers on you at once! And you don’t even have to use your hands or stuff cold cans of beer in your pocket. The Beer Holster is camouflage colored, and it snaps around your waist like a belt. Think of it as a drinking man’s fanny pack.

Remote Controlled Rolling Beer Cooler

rolling beer cooler

Image source: http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=84433&refsku=76019

Tired of walking to get your beer? Don’t have a dog that’s mastered the trick of fetching beers out of the fridge? Want to serve your guests drinks without walking around like a waiter? This is the gadget for you! It’s a remote-controlled beer cooler that can roll across just about any surface. Remember the remote-controlled cars you used to play with as a kid? Yeah, this is the drinking man’s version of that. Steer this bad boy around your party to keep your guests hydrated at all times!

Smart Fridge

Smart Fridge

Image source: http://www.delish.com/cm/delish/images/smart_fridge_web.jpg

Ever found a hidden beer in the back of your fridge, opened it excitedly, and had your spirits crushed when you realized it tasted flat and just plain awful? It’s happened to the best of us, but with the new smart fridges of the future, that could become a problem of the past. Smart refrigerators allow you to scan the bar codes of items as you put them in the fridge. Your refrigerator then keeps a record of the items inside (including your beer) and it lets you know when they’ve reached their expiration date. How awesome is that? 

The GrOpener


Image source: http://hiconsumption.com/2013/07/gropener-one-handed-bottle-opener/

This is the coolest bottle opener you’ve ever seen. Just about every bottle opener takes two hands to use. But that’s not always possible. What if you’re carrying the baby in one hand and trying to open a beer with the other? Or what if you have a broken hand…or you’re even missing a hand? The GrOpener (short for grab opener) is the answer to your problems. This super neat bottle opener lets you pop a top with just one hand. Efficient and innovative. What more could a guy ask for? 

The Electric Amphibious Vehicle

Electric Amphibious Vehicle

Image source: http://www.frontgate.com/electric-amphibious-vehicle/531499?redirect=y

Sometimes, you need your beer delivered across a really rugged terrain. Or maybe you even need it delivered to you when you’re in the pool (hey, not all of us have those fancy poolside bars you can swim up to). The Electric Amphibious Vehicle can deliver up to 4 beers at a time, by land or by water. It’s a 4-wheeled land vehicle, and with the push of a button, it can transform into a water craft. The only thing it can’t do is fly, so if you’re up in a tree, you’re out of luck. 

Air Cork

Air Cork

Image source: http://www.brit.co/drinking-gadgets/

Maybe you’re a guy who enjoys a nice glass of wine every once in a while. Don’t worry, we aren’t judging you. Anyone who drinks wine knows that keeping a bottle of wine fresh after it has been opened is a challenge. Shoving the cork back in is a total pain in the backside, and most of those reusable wine stoppers are junk. But this gadget, on the other hand, totally rocks and it looks super cool. The air cork is an inflatable wine bottle sealer. You drop the balloon in, squeeze the grape-shaped pump a few times, and when the balloon is filled up to the shape of the bottle it creates a permanent seal, keeping your wine fresher longer. 

What are you waiting for? Start adding these to your wish list immediately! 

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