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Top Five Bars For Day Drinking in Toronto

Top Five Bars For Day Drinking in Toronto

Common wisdom may dictate that cocktails are best served once the sun sets, but sometimes there's nothing that tempers the long summer days and rising temperature like a cool cocktail. While, for a lucky few, drinking at home doesn't have to be a downer, like the residents of Garrison Point, who can bask in the sunshine, drink in hand, in of the complex's meticulously landscaped green spaces, for others, bars are the best bet for a mid-afternoon tipple. We've rounded up the best bars to enjoy an afternoon adult beverage in Toronto, saving you the hassle of wandering the streets with a parched throat. Salut!
Bar Hop: King Street's cozy Barhop is just the kind of judgment-free place that's perfect to enjoy a beer before night falls. Opening at noon, this gastropub offers a wide variety of craft beers on tap, in addition to large-format bottles. For those with a diet-conscious drinking style, there's even a menu of gluten-free beers and ciders.
The Queen and Beaver Public House: Located in the center of downtown, this British-themed pub serves up both tasty English classics, like shepherd's pie, fish and chips, scotch eggs, and sticky toffee pudding, and a wide variety of pints to complement your meal. With a cute, quirky interior and plenty of outdoor seating, Queen and Beaver is an ideal spot to pass an afternoon.
Northwood: Ask any Bickford Park native what their favorite bar is and you'll invariably get one response: Bickford. With a short menu of small plates and a long list of cocktails — the bitters for which are made in-house — you're as likely to find this place full of folks on their laptops, cocktail in hand, at midday as you are to find it full at night.
Beerbistro: For those in search of the perfect pale ale or porter, look no further than King Street's Beerbistro. This gastropub is a beer geek's dream, serving up eighteen craft beers and ciders on tap, in addition to a large menu of bottled beverages. If the thought of day drinking leaves your stomach churning, never fear — there's also a menu of hearty fare, from shortrib pizza to cheese fondue, to help absorb the alcohol.
The Library Bar: There are few places in the world where you can have a few daytime drinks and still honestly insist to your boss or significant other that you spent the entire afternoon at the library — but The Library Bar is one. Located in the Fairmont Royal York hotel, this elegant evokes a bygone era when food was still served on fine china and drinks were had during the day. Whether your beverage of choice is a cup of tea or one of the bar's many whiskey selections, it's easy to feel right at home in this creative and cozy bar.

Whether you're enjoying a spirited Saturday with pals or just looking for a glass of mid-day rosé to make your work go by a bit quicker, Toronto is replete with bars that open early and won't give a second thought to your afternoon pint.

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18 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1, Canada
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