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Places to eat and drink in Cozumel

Places to eat and drink in Cozumel

Cozumel is a magical island and the best tourist destination in the state of Quintana Roo. I was there recently and I can assure you that is one of the most beautiful places in this world. Also eaten and drunk wonders. And as I did a post on bars and restaurants that received good reviews, I decided to take advantage and tell you a little about my impression of the place. Hope you like!


The culinary culture of Cozumel, as well as their dances and their daily habits are the result of a great cultural syncretism, it comes back in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when culture meets the Spanish traditions. All those who visit Cozumel will be fascinated with its beautiful scenery, which can be discovered with the practice of adventure tourism and ecotourism. But besides enjoying the natural wonders that holds this glorious island, tourists can visit the best bars and restaurants in the area. They may soak up the culture of the place and have fun like never before, it is best that both can feel at home because of the warm and friendliness of the locals.


Bars and Restaurants in Cozumel


Both during the day and at night, when the sun goes down behind the horizon that draw the sea and sky, tourists can make the most of this island, its daily culinary traditions and customs, customs that go beyond the mere Act taste and take visitors to a climate of friendship, solidarity and fellowship. The culinary culture of the Yucatan Peninsula is characterized by that value system that underlies every culinary meeting, tourists can discover what that system is at the same time they feel to taste a delicacy. On the island will also be able to feast your ears and have to move their bodies to the sound of ballads and jaranas, Mexican music par excellence ... To discover this whole social fabric itself Yucatan, visitors have only to visit some of the bars and restaurants Cozumel. The experience will surely be unforgettable and then are some of the appointments required on this island:

  • Casa Denis: This restaurant is a classic in the island, it has over 60 years there and in it tourists can taste delicious empanadas, typical dishes based on seafood or chocolomo, a dish based on beef seasoned with garlic, habanero chile, lemon, pepper, onion and vinegar.
  • Guido's: it is the perfect place to sample delicacies from the old continent site, here visitors will find the Swiss-Italian really fascinated leave dishes also can drink delicious international wines. A recommendation as to drink: be sure to try the Grido's sangria is really missed.
  • Chi: This residue is perfect to enjoy oriental dishes and sushi course. This restaurant has a view of the Caribbean Sea really fascinating.
  • Viva Mexico: One of the most popular bars in the island, he will meet Foreign tourists worldwide. Viva Mexico is located in front of the Sea, which invites tourists to dance until dawn.
  • Neptune: unlike any other, neglects the Caribbean style to offer a modern and technological environment, tourists will enjoy rock, pop, electronics and more.

Fuente: WikipediaBestDay 


[Editor's Note: this article was submitted originally in Spanish.]

Location (Map)

Cozumel, Mexico
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