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Smoked Cocktails and The Spirit of Innovation

Having trouble getting that smoky flavor? Here are a few additional tips.

Smoke will not adhere to a dry glass. Although the smoke may settle in the glass for a few moments, once it has dissipated into the air, it will be gone or barely noticeable within the drink. Smoke needs something to adhere to within the glass. 

One way of dealing with this issue is to rinse the glass with a liquid, whether with your cocktail’s base alcohol or perhaps another ingredient you would like to highlight. 

Smoking the entire cocktail as a whole once it’s already been made is another way to ensure that the smoked flavor will stick to the drink. Just remember: If you smoke a completed cocktail too long, you run the risk of over-diluting the cocktail or letting it “die” (allowing the ice to melt too much, watering down the cocktail before the customer has even had a chance to drink it).

Even ice can be smoked for a short period of time, allowing the smoke to penetrate the small pores and cracks within the ice, giving the smoke an almost time-release effect as the ice melts into the cocktail.

Though the art of smoking a cocktail may be a somewhat newer trend in the world of bartending, it follows a long line of creative, innovative thinking and ingenuity that has kept the art and occupation of bartending alive and well (even when alcohol was illegal for OVER A DECADE). 

So as long as there are still patrons around to enjoy cocktails, there will always be bartenders, young and old, creating new and inventive ways to make your imbibing experience one-of-a-kind. And we have a ton of them in our Craft Cocktail Club, just waiting to share their creations with you. Always be safe, and be sure to tip your local bartender!

Original author: Mike Baca
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