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What makes a fun bar?

What makes a fun bar?

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Today, the number of pubs, bars and other entertainment places is on the rise. The traditional bar would admit only members and usually it was a place to drink and get social. Many business deals too have been known to be closed in bars. The old style of setting up a bar changed and the clientele too. Over time, the traditional bar has changed into a completely different type of entertainment place and has to compete for clientele with other bars. So, what makes a fun bar, and how will a bar ensure that it is on the scene within local circles?

Pricing is important to attract clientele. Do not go too high and lose the majority of those who would visit your establishment. Do not go too low too and attract patrons from the lower ends of society. Getting the price right is crucial as it determines the social classes that will come to your place.


You can establish a certain routine that is always done to your patrons, or done by your patrons. Having a certain tradition makes your patrons attached to your bar. A tradition also helps in identifying your loyal customers and you will take exceptional care to serve them better. You are also able to identify your new customers and prepare good services for them. The tradition does not have to be complicated, keep it simple and easy to do for everyone.

With today’s generation of young people and their technological gadgets, having some free internet availed is quite necessary these days. WiFi is provided in many clubs and bars. One has to take care however so that your bar does not become a free internet hub. Best is to have low-speed WiFi so that only the person who really has something urgent to attend to, will use the service. Have measures to ensure that people drink, and not come to your bar for free internet.

Target both the young and the old.

The older generation members visit bars in pairs or threes to catch up with friends. These prefer quiet places that are cool and not much stimulation is needed. These are the people with loads of money to spare. Partition a section of your bar for such patrons who may want some peace and silence as they talk over things. The rest of your establishment can have the noisy, flashy setup that young people love. Flashing lights and all the works are to be found in this section. The party happens here in the noisy section. Remember that youths visit bars in groups, large groups to be precise. Have seating arrangements that allow for a large number of people to get together.

Encourage fun stuff to happen in your bar.

There is crowd control, and then there are crowd-spirit lifters. Have a few of your own dancers, or encourage dancing with a few competitions. Karaoke nights are good too but do not overdo it. Try and welcome all varieties of entertainers, performers and artistes to make your bar the buzz in town. You can have people whose primary role is to psyche up the crowd and keep the party going. Do not be afraid of experimenting on various strategies that can be used to put you on the social scene.

Since we touched about the internet, consider having a social media presence too. You are able to spread information faster and directly to your patrons. Special events and activities can be communicated to your patrons via social media. Two or three common social media platforms should suffice for you. You can also give updates about current events taking place in your bar via social media to keep patrons who may be away updated of the happenings.

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