How Coffee helps last long Weekly Office Hours


Sometimes you just can’t focus, all you want to do is place your head on your desk and sleep, but you need to finish your shift, those papers are not going to get filled on their own. In most cases, you’d grab a coffee by now and continue your work, but have you ever wondered how coffee actually works, how it affects your body and mind? It’s such a common thing, it’s almost like a ritual a lot of people do on a daily basis, but only a small number of people understand the science behind it!

How Coffee Really Works

Coffee is used in almost all households on a daily basis, some prefer to drink it in the mornings and can’t start their day without them, whilst some prefer to drink it in the middle of the day! But still, coffee is coffee, so the effects are pretty much the same, regardless of when you drink it.  The critical matter is how does it work? So basically, when you take a sip of coffee, the coffee actually works as a form of a neurochemical in your brain causing you to be more ‘’awake’’. This neurochemical called adenosine is produced by neurons and is monitored by your nervous system. Now, here’s how coffee plays a big factor in this, as it doesn’t directly change the neurochemicals in your system, but more so act the same way as them!

Coffee vs. Productivity

So, it’s actually proven that coffee doesn’t in all actuality help with your productivity. Sure, you’ll feel more fresh and awake, and this will probably help you focus on your tasks and be organized. But, sometimes coffee works as a placebo, you drink it each morning thinking that it actually does something, and it does help, but not in the way you’d think. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink coffee as it doesn’t directly change your productivity level, in all actuality you should drink coffee because you like it and if it works for you, great! Each workplace should have at least one coffee machine, as experts from this website state that it’s pretty lucrative to have one in the office, so the employees have something to sip on. 

Type Of Coffee

Another important thing that can heighten to softening the impact of coffee is actually the type of coffee you drink! From the classic, black coffee with no sugar to the short and sweet espresso - there are so many different types of coffees out there. Basically, if you do end up getting a sugary coffee like a mola or a late one, it works just as good as black coffee. The misconception that a  lot of people may have, is that basic coffee without sugar is more effective than a ‘’lighter’’ coffee. But in all actuality sugar can boost your brainpower for a period of time, your senses are heightened from the sugar rush, and you feel a jolt of energy! But it is short-term and not as healthy as getting regular coffee, so keep a balance between sugar and coffee and see what works best for you and your body! 

Depending On Your Daily Intake

If you drink coffee every day, even multiple times a day, you’ll actually develop immunity to coffee, your body is simply getting used to it, so the effects are not as strong as they used to. So if you continue to drink more and more coffee, will that change the effect? There is actually a certain amount of coffee you should drink, and not crossing that line is preferable! Even if you are working late shifts, sometimes your body won’t even flinch when you drink coffee, no matter how strong it may be, so don’t try to trick yourself by forcefully drinking multiple cups at once - you’ll only do damage to yourself! 

Taste Is Key

So we all know that nothing can beat coffee, there is just something about drinking this beverage that makes people calmer, yet more alert! It’s a great way for students or workers to take a little break from their daily activities and have a bit of comfort, And coffee does just that, it’s like a hug in a cup! No wonder people are getting addicted to it. It simply is a magical drink that helps a lot of people in their daily tasks, especially when they need to work long and exhausting work shifts!

At the end of the day, coffee is just such a great way to both start your day, and prolong your night! So keep sipping it, no matter if you like it strong and basic or sugary - it’s all worth your while!


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