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Starting To Mix Your Own Drinks At Home? Here's What You Need To Help You Become Better


Some people who are not used to drinking may seem to be overwhelmed by alcoholic drinks. The after taste of alcoholic beverages is the most common reason why they cannot take more than one shot. However, a pleasurable experience still takes place for those who enjoy drinking, whether they drink it straight out of the bottle or even combine it with other ingredients. Nowadays, people who love to go to bars and want to have a couple of shots with mates favor cocktail drinks. With the current pandemic situation, most bars are closed temporarily. The good thing is you can try making your favorite drinking in the comfort of your house. 

In this article, we have gathered a few helpful tips that can help you start mixing your drinks.

Basic ingredients

If you haven't tried to mix a cocktail drink for yourself, you need to sort out all your resources, whether you're asking a friend or looking for a recipe online. First, you should have all the four basic ingredients to make a cocktail at home. It is not considered a cocktail if it doesn’t have any Alcohol content included in it. Make sure you get the best brand to make your drink taste better so that you can really experience just when you order it in a bar.  The second is the Mixers, this makes the drink more distinct when combined with alcohol. The top three mixers used by the bartenders are tonic, cola, and ginger ale. The third thing you need to have is Garnishes, from freshly picked herbs like mint, rosemary, and thyme. It suits perfectly when added to a cocktail for its oils and aroma. You can also use fruits to finish up your cocktails, from apples, pears, pineapples, the citrus family of lemon, lime, and oranges. Make them into whatever shape you’d like them to be and place them in the glass of your drink. Lastly, the Ice, it is the final ingredient you will add to your glass then get ready to take a sip and enjoy. 

Basic equipment

It is essential to have the basic equipment used to create a cocktail. This will give you the advantage to achieve the exact taste from a recipe you’ve searched on the net or passed down to your generation. Listed below are what you need to have. 


One of the major tools every bartender uses is a Jigger. It is a small-sized tool used to measure liquid ingredients for cocktail drinks. It has two types: A Single jigger, using this type will benefit you in getting the precise measure of ingredients in the recipe. While the other type is the Double jigger, which has measurements in both ends with 1 and 2 oz. Moreover, two major manufacturers of Jiggers, the US and the UK have a slight difference when it comes to their measurements. The typical UK Jiggers ranges between 20mm for single jiggers while 25mm for double jigger. Aside from the two major countries, Japan also released their Japanese jigger that has a narrow deep shape with amazing markings that makes the piece expensive.

Cocktail shaker

Another essential item to have in your home is the cocktail shakers as it is where all ingredients are being mixed to form an amazing cocktail drink. You can find the top cocktail shakers online with a comparison of all the best models. It has 3 types which are Boston, Tin on tin, and the Parisian shaker. 

  • Boston shaker - used by a bartender, a large metal tin with a slightly smaller mixing glass, quick and easy to use in the large scale bar. It has a 3 piece model which consists of a tin, cap, and tightly fitted top.
  • Tin on the tin - this type of shaker is usually made with light material but good in making the temperature stable longer inside.
  • Parisian shaker - one of the most expensive shakers because of its sophisticated look that makes the appearance seamless without any rough edges.


It is quite similar to a pestle used to mash solid ingredients added to a cocktail that releases its flavor, such as herbs and fruits. When making a Mojito, Caipirinha, Caipiroska, Mint Julep, and Old Fashioned Whisky, a muddler is usually used.  

Swizzle sticks

A stirring rod was developed in the 18th century to mix a drink and eliminate champagne bubbles from a Swizzle tree branch. In today's world, there is a wide range of swizzle sticks to choose from plastic to glass.

Long-handle metal bar spoon

It has a long handle perfect for mixing different types of drinking in one glass. Typically made out of metal and has a standard measurement of twelve inches long.


A piece of kitchen equipment also called a Mixer helps mix liquid ingredients or even make a purée out of fruits. Bartender uses this tool when making a Piña Coladas or Peach Bourbon Mule.


This part is crucial for presentation as it gives additional enjoyment to the eye when serving a cocktail. There are several types of glasses available in the market such as Vodka, Old-fashioned glass, Cordial, Highball, Sour glass, Martini, Shot glass, Collins,  and Champagne.  Remember that it is pleasing and enjoyable to drink a glass when poured with the right type of glass. You cannot serve a Piña Coladas in an old-fashioned glass as it will lose its signature look. A Piña Coladas has playful looks that make people curious about it.

Basic techniques

A cocktail drink would not be as close as to its taste without the proper technique in making them from scratch, especially if you do not know how to create one at home. Listed down below are the different techniques that you should know in mixing cocktail drinks.

  • Shaking
  • Straining
  • Stirring 
  • Muddling
  • Blending
  • Building 
  • Layering
  • Flaming

In creating a flavorful drink, the primary goal of mixing cocktails is to incorporate all the ingredients thoroughly. The shake is the most thorough method of mixing drinks, and most cocktail recipes suggest this technique.

Lastly, taking a sip of alcohol can help to lessen the stress as well as anxiety caused by this pandemic. We all need to have a taste of what was back then. We hope that this article has been helpful.

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