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Peridot Pure Cold-pressed Organic Juices

Peridot Pure juices come from the coastal villages of Southern Italy and feature the native bergamot orange. The nutrient-rich volcanic land of the Reggio Calabria region produces pure fragrant bergamot oranges that offer a light, fresh, citrus taste with a kick of tartness and an abundance of flavonoids, especially when combined with pomegranates and goji berries.

Offered in two expressions, Bella Vita is a blend of 100% organic pomegranate (70%) and bergamot (30%) juices, and Vitalità combines 78% organic pomegranate juice with 15% bergamot juice and 7% goji juice. Both Bella Vita and Vitalità are 100% pure organic juice that is cold-pressed using high-pressure processing, with no sugars added, no preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors.

The Mediterranean superfruit juices can be enjoyed on their own, added to still or sparkling water or mixed into cocktails and mocktails. Available at Peridotpure.com; Bella Vita is priced at $34 for a 2-pack of 25.36-oz. bottles, or $65 for a 4-pack; Vitalità is $19 for a 2-pack of 6.7-oz bottles or $74 for an 8-pack. Both products can be purchased as a monthly subscription pack at a 15% savings.

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