CDC’s “I Got My Covid-19 Vaccine” sticker campaign enhanced by “# I GOT THE SHOT” wristbands


"How Do You Know Who Got The Covid-19 Shot"


CDC Sticker Campaign


# I GOT THE SHOT wristbands

New wristband promotes visual indicator, helps people feel safer, and encourages others to get the #Covid-19 shot

I think we are all ready to exchange our facemasks for wristbands and get life back to normal and feel safe again”

— Craig Rozema

DOVER, DE, USA, March 29, 2021 / -- The definition of “the new normal” has changed in the United States and across the world countless times in the past year. With vaccines now rolling out there is finally hope for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As people are now lining up to get their different rounds of the COVID-19 shot, a new question is beginning to spread across the country - “how do you know who got the Covid-19 shot?

The answer to that question seems to be ever evolving.

In order to identify those who got the shot the CDC created a campaign that includes a sticker that says “I GOT MY COVID-19 VACCINE” to be handed out at #Covid19 shot sites.

Similar to those “I voted” stickers we see at every election, the “I GOT MY COVID-19 VACCINE” sticker is meant not only to identify those who got the shot but also to encourage others to get the shot.

If you haven’t seen these stickers yet don’t panic there are a few good reasons. The first is that shot sites have to print their own stickers and then assign someone to hand them out and because its more cost and time for the shot site administrators not many of them are doing it. The second is that the sticker only lasts for a day or two or until the stickiness wears off.

As a result a more permanent visible identifier is now being handed out and it seems like people really love it. It’s a nice green wristband that says “# I GOT THE SHOT”. Similar to the cancer band and other social issue bands, this new band is easy to identify, easy to wear, and it is being supplied for free to many shot sites around the country.

It is very likely that people will see them at work, at restaurants, on planes, and everywhere else as more and more people get vaccinated. The green bands are a sign of healing and restoration. They will help everyone feel safer around each other as we begin to get back to our normal pre-covid routines.

When people wear masks, it shows that they care about their family, friends, other people, and the well-being of their communities. Likewise, when people wear their green “# I GOT THE SHOT” band it shows the same compassion—it says that YOU CARE.

So if the # I GOT THE SHOT wristbands are the rage now what is next? We are not exactly sure what the next official identifiers will be or just how far this will go. We do know that there are talks around the world about creating an official vaccination card similar to a passport or ID card. The card may be even be required to be able to travel to some countries or even get on cruise ships. For now though that’s just an idea on the table and it seems likely it would be hard to coordinate and enforce.

Craig M Rozema
vSafeBands, LLC
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How Do You Know Who Got The Covid-19 Shot?

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