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6 Great Meal Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Muslim Friends


Are you expecting some Muslim friends for dinner or lunch? Probably you are wondering what to prepare for them. Before we hope into the meal ideas, there are things you need to know concerning Muslim foods. First, Muslim meals must be Halal. This means you must prepare the meat and its accompaniments in an Islamic way. Secondly, you should understand what's prohibited and allowed in Islam. For instance, they don't consume pork and its products. When you know all these restrictions, you can then prepare a sumptuous meal for your friends. This article will discuss some of the perfect meals you can come up with for your friends. Read on for the list.

1. Chicken Biryani

If rice is your perfect local food, chicken biryani might be the ideal meal to prepare for your friends. You will need some spices and grain rice to prepare the ideal traditional biryani rice. To make it more sumptuous, you can add the ghee or spices as per your taste. The Muslim Chicken Biryani tastes better, has a fantastic aroma, and it's non-greasy. To prepare, marinate the chicken with lemon juice, salt, turmeric powder, and chili. Next, heat the pan and add the onions, green chili, cloves, tomato, ginger paste, cinnamon, and other flavoring spices. Cook until golden brown before adding the chicken pieces topping it with coriander leaves. Add some water and basmati rice, then cook for seven minutes and then serve.

2. Garlic Mustard Fish Fillet

Garlic Mustard fish Fillet is a traditional Muslim food, mostly consumed in India. To get the best flavor, you can bake this meal instead of deep-frying. For this, you can shop on the best halal groceries to prepare a mouth-watering delicacy. These groceries include fish, cubed potatoes, pepper, olive oil, garlic, carrots, lemon juice, and salt. To prepare the meal, mix all the ingredients, including potatoes, pepper, olive oil, garlic, and others, then soak the fish in it or leave it for a night. You can then bake the mixture for 20 minutes while serving it with white rice. Include some lemon wedges to add flavor.

3. Easy Victoria Spongecake

Do your friends fancy some cakes? You will get it right with this recipe. The sponge cake is soft and has great proteins derived from eggs which also add some taste. Get some sugar and butter, then blend jointly while adding the eggs. Mix the components with a sift of flour, then put the mixture in some clean baking tins. Prepare your oven, put in the tins and heat for 20 minutes, cool down, then apply some cream to the cakes' top. This cream helps to seal the sponge. Lastly, get some icing sugar which you'll use to serve the cake. This sponge cake can act as a dessert or a bite as your guests wait for the chicken biryani.

4. Kebabs

This Chinese food can get grilled on charcoal ovens or put on grills to add the smoke flavor. Ensure you don't compromise on the taste. You need to prepare your meat pieces with onions, potatoes, and other ingredients, and then put them into kebab sticks, ready for grilling. Ensure to marinate the elements with spices before grilling them on moderate heat. You can eat your kebab with lime, green chutney, and other accompaniments to create a fantastic flavor. With the smoky taste from the charcoal, you are sure of your friends enjoying the tasty meal.

5. Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is among the most sought Muslim meals, which will make a perfect dinner for your friends. Here, butter is combined with chicken with some gravy tomato paste, creating a sumptuous meal. You will need to get your chicken and marinate it overnight with curd and spices, blended with ginger paste, lime juice, and garlic. You can then pan-fry or grill this mixture. Take this chicken with a sauce prepared from butter mixed with tomato puree, cumin, clean cream, and garam masala. This mixture combines well with roti bread, parathas, or naan.

Bheja FryBheja fry is a notable Muslim meal that goes well with roti – a special type of unleavened bread. It is essential to use some fresh ingredients to get the best taste from this meal. Bheja represents a goat brain, cooked with green chilies, onions, turmeric, tomatoes, and finally decorated with fresh coriander. It's among the most consumed Muslim traditional foods, which goes well with Indian bread, roti, or rice. Ensure the tomatoes are ripe enough to make a thick paste.

Most Muslim foods are sumptuous, nutritious, and healthy. You only need to get the right ingredients and then follow the recipes to prepare the meals. While most of them comprise fresh vegetables, some might require oil, spices, and halal meat. You can get all these ingredients from a grocery. 


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