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RiNo, Denver, CO — Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse is releasing a new limited edition whiskey starting June 19th. Switchback Single Malt is A Whiskey Made for Adventures. The lightweight, durable aluminum bottle is easy to toss in with any outdoor gear and take along into the backcountry. Once the whiskey has been enjoyed, the bottle can be refilled and used again as a water bottle.

Switchback Single Malt is made of 100% malted barley. It’s distilled and aged at Ironton’s RiNo distillery by head distiller, Laura Walters. On the nose, there’s notes of cantaloupe, stone fruit, cinnamon and caramel. On the palate, it’s sweet, bright, and grassy with a light mouthfeel and defined finish.

Switchback Single Malt in reusable aluminum bottles is a limited edition release for Summer 2021. Bottles are available for pre-order online at a special price of $45 and can be picked up directly from Ironton during the Stay Wild Market on June 19th. Ironton’s Stay Wild Market celebrates Colorado’s incredible outdoors with local vendors that encourage guests to get outside and explore. The market will be free to attend with strict COVID protocols in place.

Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse is proudly Distilling the Spirit of Colorado with our lineup of small batch liquors. Named after a lost, but not forgotten, mining town in Southern Colorado and the 19th century ‘Ironton Addition’ of Denver that would become known as RiNo today, we were born out of the adventurous heritage and spirit of our state and city. Every sip of our spirits and cocktails captures our love of craftsmanship and our desire to explore.

More information on Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse can be found at http://www.irontondistillery.com or on social media @IrontonDistillery.

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