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How does Alcohol affect if you smoked Cannabis?


Weed and alcohol are, perhaps, the two most-consumed psychoactive substances in the world, after caffeine (and its derivatives and equivalents). Separately, they both create a feeling of complete relaxation. What happens if you take them both at the same time? How does alcohol affect you if you smoke cannabis at the same time? Is it dangerous?

Alcohol and the brain

Alcohol is a natural disinhibitor, due to the depressant effect it has on the central nervous system. Depending on the volume consumed, you’ll experience more or less intense levels of behavioural disinhibition (sociability) and relaxation. Low or moderate consumption of alcohol creates this feeling of social liberation.

However, when high quantities of alcohol are consumed, this can alter the brain’s functioning: with memory loss, coordination problems or blurred vision as the most well-known effects, although these are not the only ones.

How does consuming cannabis affect us?

Although every drug affects the brain and the nervous system, this effect multiplies in the case of marijuana and cannabis. Just like with alcohol, reactions to cannabis vary according to the dose and strain consumed, and how it is taken.

For example, sativa is one of the most powerful strains available. When you smoke cannabis or consume marijuana, the body’s cannabinoid receptors send signals to the central nervous system, promoting relaxation or increased appetite.

Is it a good idea to combine alcohol and marijuana?

Consumed separately, both alcohol and cannabis not only affect cognitive function – they also have an impact on behavioural functioning. Together, these effects are multiplied. Studies on the effects of simultaneous consumption of cannabis and alcohol come to conflicting findings. On the one hand, it is suggested that this increases the effect of marijuana, while on the other hand it is believed that smoking marijuana alters and boosts the body’s absorption of alcohol. As a consequence, its effects on the body would be diminished.

But does the order of consumption generate different effects? Most commonly, people who consume cannabis use alcohol to enhance its effects. As such, alcohol must be consumed first, before the psychotropic substance.

Experts warn that although this generates an unbeatable feeling of well-being, it can also have a dark and dangerous side. As well as the potential for the consumer to fall into a poly-drug addiction as a result of the synergetic yet substitutive effect, it may cause very unpleasant physical and cognitive effects.

Some of the symptoms presented in those who opt to combine cannabis and alcohol are pallor, dizziness, weakness, nausea and vomiting – when it comes to physical effects – as well as anxiety disorders.

Royal Queen Seed, a company specialised in the sale of cannabis seeds, notes that this type of explosive combination is only suitable for habitual consumers. They are more likely to know their limits and understand how far they can go with alcohol and cannabis. However, even for the most experienced users, the company advises continued but not excessive consumption.


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